Quick Results : Meek, Mäkelä, and Mohammad at Strength & Honor 8

Strength & Honor 8 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland this Saturday. You will find results here from the three Nordic fighters on the card.

The Hulk Ready for SHC 8
The Hulk Ready for SHC 8


Emil “Hulk” Meek (3-1-0) Versus Tato Primera (4-1-0)
Results : Meek by Knock Out in Round 1

Meek Wins (Photo by CSA.dk MMA fight team "Team Grind" Coach Ettrup's)
Meek Wins (Photo by CSA.dk MMA fight team “Team Grind” Coach Ettrup’s)

“Hulk SMASH! Round 1 TKO 20-30 Secounds!!! Thank you all for the love and support! Really really appriciate it!” says Meek via Facebook after the bout. He also tells MMAViking.com that “It felt GREAT!”.

Yosef Ali Muhammad (1-1-0) Versus Heddy Missouri (4-2-0)
Results : Muhammad won.

Matti Mäkelä (11-11-0) Versus Henrique Shigemoto (5-1-1)
Results : Mäkelä won by RNC.

All three fighters were victorious tonight.