A list of the top active Norwegian MMA fighters are listed below. MMAViking.com has published over 3,000 articles and stories and over 300 video interviews focused on fighters. For the latest news on each fighter, click on their name below.

Norway Fighter List

Fighter Name NicknameGymWeight
Celine HagaJackson-Wink MMA115lbs
Margaret Aase (Retired)
MaggaVictory MMA 125lbs
Joachim Hansen (Retired)Hellboy145lbs
Joachim TollefsenNinja VikingFrontline Academy155lbs
Alexander JacobsenBad RomanceBergen MMA and Bergen Grappling155lbs
Mohsen BahariTBD168lbs
Thomas FormoMaverickMMA Trondheim170lbs
Simeon ThoresenThe Grin Frontline Academy170lbs
Emil Weber MeekHulkMMA Trondheim170lbs
Håkon FossDeathFrontline Academy170lbs
Jack HermanssonThe FerociousFrontline Academy185lbs
Gard Olve SagenMMA Trondheim185lbs
Marthin Hamlet NielsenFrontline Academy185lbs
Andreas LagaardFrontline Academy265lbs+