Viking Results : IMMAF European Open Day 3


Today was the third day of the IMMAF European Open in Birmingham, England at the Walsall Sport Centre. After day 1 and day 2 behind us, Sweden had a big day going 6 wins and 2 losses.  Iceland, Finland, and Norway battled to get a solid number of wins to move their fighters into the final day. See all the results for the Nordic fighters today., semifinals and quarterfinals included and this day was a very successful one for most of the Nordic fighters participating. Results follows below:

Women’s 155 lbs, Leah McCourt (Northern Ireland) vs. Sini Koivunen (Finland)
The Finnish Koivunen loses in her semifinal by an armbar at 2:12 in the final round.

170 lbs, Dorian Dermendzhiev (Bulgaria) vs. Jorden Indsetviken (Norway)
Indsetviken is submitted and loses at 2:16 in first round by a guillotine choke.

170 lbs, Bjarki Palsson (Iceland) vs. Hardeep Rai (United Kingdom)
Palsen takes this one home, by some good ground and pound he causes a TKO in round 3 at 1:59.

Women’s 135 lbs, Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs. Camilla Mannes (Norway)
In this all nordic clash it’s the swede Ringblom who wins by a unanimous decision.

Women’s 125 lbs, Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Inka Auvinen (Finland)
In the next all nordic bout it’s once again a swede taking the win, Saxmark by a unanimous decision.

Women’s 135 lbs, Varpu Rinne (Finland) vs. Eloise Picard (Canada)
The Finn Rinne takes a unanimous decision win.

Women’s 125 lbs, Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) vs. Michaela Dostalova (Czech Rep.)
Rannveig takes a win by some good ground strikes at 2:48 in the first round.

Women’s 145 lbs, Cornelia Holm (Sweden) vs. Caline Provost (France)
Holm secures her win by an americana at 1:59 in round 1.

Women’s 145 lbs, Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Julia Dorny (Germany)
Merta wins by an armbar in the last round at 1:58.

135 lbs, Abdul Hussein (Finland) vs. Renato Vidovic (Sweden)
In this bout it’s the Finn Hussein who comes out on top with a unanimous decision win.

145 lbs, Joel Moya Schöndorff (Sweden) vs. Connor Hitchens (United Kingdom)
Moya moves on with a unanimous decision win.

185 lbs, Rostem Akman (Sweden) vs. James Duckett (United Kingdom)
Akman takes a unanimous win and also moves on.

145 lbs, Ross McCorriston (Northern Ireland) vs. Ante Agneby (Sweden)
Agneby suffers a loss by a split decision.

265 lbs, Irman Smajic (Sweden) vs. Petur Oskarsson (Iceland)
This clash of the Nordic giants the swede Smajic secures the win by a standing guillotine at 1:56 in the first round.

185 lbs, Marius Hakonsev (Norway) vs. Astenio Lucchesini (Italy)
The Norwegian fighter uses a triangle choke that render his opponent unconscious  as he wins this one.

155 lbs, Geir Kare Cemsoylu (Norway) vs. Lee Hammond (Ireland)
This fight might have been the best in the tournament so far as Cemsoylu uses ground strikes to get a TKO win at 2:24 in the final round.

Tomorrow the finals start and there some good ones, for example Geir Kare Cemsoylu (Norway) will clash with Jack Shore (UK) for the men’s 155 lbs gold and the all Nordic fight between Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) and Anja Saxmark (Sweden) for the women’s 125 lbs.

Todays results were as follows:

Sweden – 6 wins / 2 losses
Finland – 3 wins / 2 losses
Iceland – 2 wins / 1 loss
Norway – 2 wins / 2 losses

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