MMA Viking is in Brøndby, Denmark reporting live on Royal Arena 2. Stay tuned for photos, video interviews, and more. Stay here for updated play-by-play and results.

Live Results

Reporting Live from Royal Arena 2 in Denmark


First up on the undercard is Rune B. Petersen (DK) vs Toni Tauru (FIN)

Round 1:

Rune hits with a strong straight right and right elbow right of the bat. Taking the center of the octagon, he strikes with a few leg kicks as well. Toni tries a takedown, but its stuffed. The Finn strikes back with a nice jab and a few leg kicks. Rune is still controlling the center though. Toni suddenly hits Rune with a huge knee to the jaw, the Dane drops. They scramble, Toni gets mount, Rune turns, Toni gets the rear naked choke and locks it in, Rune taps, wow!

Winner by submission, rear naked choke, at 3:51 in the first round: Toni Tauru.

Tauru Wins


Next up Theo Ginman (DK) vs Sorin Prunar (DK)

Round 1:

Prunar starts out strong. He hits Ginman a few times and Ginman immediately goes for the takedown and gets it. They scramble and Ginman gets his back. Both hooks in now, they fight for hand control. Prunar is stretched out on his stomach, Ginman lands some good shots, he locks it in and he gets it!

Winner by submission, rear naked choke, at 3 minutes in the first round: Theo Ginman

Ginman Finishes the Fight in the First


After the intermission, caused by the quick finishes, the event is now back on track!
Rhassan, the hometown figher, takes his time getting into the cage, but he looks very ready and is fired up by the crowd of supporters.

Rhassan Muhareb (DK) vs Tommi Marttinen (FIN)

Round 1:

Marttinen shoots in and gets the takedown right away. He passes to half guard and then side control. He gets mount and is raining down elbows. Muhareb turns him over, the crowd goes wild. Martiinen quickly locks in a triangle, they scramble, the Finn ends up on top, still holding Muhareb in the triangle, they scramble again, Marttinen tightens his choke and Muhareb is forced to tap!

Winner by submission, triangle choke, at 2:03 in the first round: Tommi Marttinen

After yet another quick finish, we are going to have another delay. It’s both a blessing and a curse getting finishes like this I guess, either way, the atmosphere is great here and the seats are filled. Nearing the Main Card, you sense the feeling of anticipation in the air.

Yes, fret not, the music is playing and the next pair fighters are making their entrance.

Mulenga Chanda (DK) vs Abbe Joof (SWE)

Round 1:

The fighters square off, both looks ready. They begin. Joof tries a headkick but misses, the crowd goes “ooohh”. They calm down a bit and are feeling each other out. Joof is finding his rythme a bit with low kicks. Chanda closes the distance and they fight for control in the clinch. They seperate and Chanda fires off some good shots. Chanda goes for a takedown and gets it, but Joof gets right back up. Chanda has Joof up against the cafe in the clinch, he hammers away with strong blows, Joof looks like he’s in danger. He somehow gets away, both are already looking tired. They clinch and Joof throws Chanda to the ground, then jumps on him, Chanda goes for an armbar, but Joof escapes. Joof attacks with unanswered blows and the refs steps in. Wow, another first round finish!

Abbe Wins in Pro Debut

Winner by TKO in the first round: Abbe Joof

The delay is over and we are now ready to get the final under card fight of the night. The fighters are getting ready.

Sirwan Kakai (SWE) vs Vladimir Karasiov (RUS)

Round 1:

Kakai attacks straight out of the gate. He hits the Russian with a solid right hand, Karasiov stumbles against the cage, but with amazing speed turns and tries to gets Kakai’s back. Kakai gets a takedown and Karasiov tries a guillutine from bottom, but doesn’t have it. Kakai is now in the Russian’s guard. The Russian defends well, and keeps trying to get out. There is a small opening and the Russian is back to his feet, but not for long. Kakai shoots in and gets another takedown. Then gets the back. Kakai is locking in the rear naked choke. It looks tight and… he gets it!

Winner by submission, rear naked choke at 3:03 in the first round: Sirwan Kakai

Kakai Impressive with 8th Straight Win


Five first round finishes in a row, this must be nearing record territory. There will be another intermission for about 15-20 minutes as the Main Card is on next and they have to time it according to the Tv2 Network, as the fights are being shown live on national television on the Danish channel; Tv2 Sport.

Main Card

Ladies and gentlemen, the Main Card is finally about to begin!

Damir Hadzovic (DK) vs Matej Truhan (CROATIA)

Round 1:

Hadzovic is controlling the center, pushing forward, while Truhan is looking to counter. Truhan reverses the momentum, turns and pushes Hadzovic against the cage. They fight in the clinch. They turn again and Hadzovic gets the takedown, but the Croatian scrambles to his feet. They fight for position against the cage and Hadzovic gets a leg, spins around and completes the single leg takedown. Truhan rolls for a kneebar but the Bosnian Dane puts his weight on him and defends well. Hadzovic is now in half guard. The round ends! For the first time tonight, the fighters advance to the second round.

First Round score: 10-9 Hadzovic

Round 2:

Hadzovic shoots and gets the double leg, but Truhan sweeps him beautifully and ends up on top. They scramble and both get to their feet. Hadzovic shoots yet again, finds success and is now in top position. He tries to land some GnP. Truhan goes for another kneebar, it’s close, but Hadzovic sprawls and gets out. He ends the round on top.

Second Round score: 10-9 Hadzovic

Round 3:

Truhan comes out guns blazing, throws a strong kick that seems to rock Hadzovic. He knows he has to finish the fight! Hadzovic goes for a takedown and gets it, but Truhan gets his leg and goes for another knee bar, but this time, he has his leg fully extended. Hadzovic’s face looks visibly in pain. The crowd is anxious, but he escapes it! They scramble again and Hadzovic ends up in Truhan’s guard in top position. Truhan keeps fighting, trying to get up, but Hadzovic won’t let him. Hadzovic goes for the rear naked choke, but Truhan defends and gets up. They stall against the cage, the round ends! Great fight! They embrace each other and rejoice.

The Two Tired Fighters Show Respect

Third Round score: A close round, but I still have it Hadzovic 10-9 for maintaining top control. Could go either way though.

30-26 – Damir Hadzovic

And the judges score it a majority decision for Hadzovic (30-26, 29-27, one draw)

No waiting this time, the fighters are already walking out!

Joachim Christensen (DK) vs Matti Mäkelä (SWE)

The Swede walks anxiously around the cage as the Dane, Joachim Christensen, enters with huge applause from the crowd. He looks confident.

Round 1:

The crowd chants “Joachim, Joachim!” as Christensen pushes forward and lands a good combination. He presses Mäkelä against the cage, working for a takedown. Christensen hits a nice inside leg trip and gets it to the ground. He tries to advance from half guard but ends up in full guard. Mäkelä tries to wall walk, but Christensen won’t let him. He drags him away from the cage and ends up in half guard again. Mäkelä uses the cage again wisely and gets to his feet. Ten seconds left, the round ends in the clinch.

First Round score: 10-9 Christensen

Round 2:

The Swede comes forward aggressively and lands a few good shots. Christensen comes back, delivers a nice body kick. They trade blows back and forth, the crowd is loving it. Christensen lands a few good ones that seem to hurt Mäkelä, but he fights on. Mäkelä is on the ground with Christensen on top, throwing bombs, but the Swede gets back up to his feet. They battle for position in the clinch as the ref separates them. Mäkelä tries a headkick, misses. Christensen hits another takedown, the round ends. Big applause.

Second Round score: 10-9 Christensen

Round 3:

Again the Swede pushes forward and lands a hard body kick to the liver of Christensen. Christensen fires back, he catches the next kick from Mäkelä and comes forward with a flurry of punches. The Swede is tough, he is tired, but he fights back and lands a nice hook. They clinch again and Christensen pulls him away from the cage and lands a double leg. Mäkelä wall walks and gets up, well done! They separate, ten seconds left. Christensen attacks with a strong right hook, Mäkelä fires back with a jab and hook of his own. They battle it out untill the bell.

Round Three score: Closer round, but I still give it to Christensen 10-9

30-27 Joachim Christensen

The judges score it a unanimous decision for Joachim Christensen (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Only the Co-Main and Main event remains. This is were it gets really interesting! First up is the huge Danish talent Nicolas Dalby against Ivica Truscek, who defeated previous top 10 EU lightweight and Dalby’s training partner, Kenneth Rosfort, in his last outing. How will Dalby adjusts and can he continue his unbeaten streak(8-0)?

We will get the answers after the break, in about 10 minutes.

Nicolas Dalby (DK) vs Ivica Truscek (CROATIA)

Dalby Eyes His Opponent

And we are back! Truscek enters the ring with his battleface on. Now Dalby is walking out to the tunes of ACDC. The crowd is loving it! Standing ovation. circles while staring Truscek down. Wow, he looks ready!


Round 1:

Dalby takes the center right away. He moves very fast, fast hands. Throws legkicks and jabs while circeling. Dalby pushes Truscek up against the cage, separates and lands a nice right elbow over the top, as instructed from the coaches. Dalby attacks again, lands a nice headkick and a great flurry of punches, Truscek moves away. He is taking the shots well. Dalby tries a jumping front kick, then lands the right. Truscek keeps his hands low in an ackward stands. Dalby charges, Truscek lands a nice left hook. Dalby answers with a nice, but partially blocked headkick. Truscheck is talking to him, the round ends.

First round score: Dalby 10-9

Round 2

They both stand in the center. Truscek is not afraid of Dalby. Dalby lands a beautiful jab-cross-right highkick combo. Truscek comes back with a nice body kick. Dalby is still circeling, throwing nice legkicks, constantly attacking with combinations. Truscek is trying to shrug it off. He lands a couple of nice left hooks again. Dalby lands a POWERFUL liver kick and Truscek is feeling that one. Dalby is breathing through his mouth, his nose looks like its busted up. He lands a nice high kick though. Then a strong right to the chin and follows up with a knee. Truscek is tough, but is finally showing signs of wear. Truscek lands a good body kicks, this is a great fight! Wow, Dalby lands a one, two highkick again! The round ends! The crowd is chanting “Dalby, Dalby!”

Second round score: Nicolas Dalby 10-9

Round 3:

They both keep at it. Dalby lands some nice combinations again, Truscek comes back. Truscek shoots and gets the takedown. After a short while, the ref stands it up for some reason. Truscek shoots again, Dalby defends and lands a nice knee. Now i’ts Dalby going for the takedown. They clinch, and the refs separates them. Dalby shoots again, finally gets him down with a double leg, tries to pass while throwing elbows from top position. A huge elbow cuts Truscek on the top of his head. They are both bleeding. The bell rings and the fight ends. What a fight, best fight so far.

Dalby is limping around, seems like some skin or something is removed from underneath his foot, ouch.

Third round score: 10-9 Dalby

Dalby Uses a Variety of Attacks for Victory


Judges score it a unanimous decision victory for Dalby (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Next fight is already under way! Who will emerge as the #1 Middleweight in Denmark? I can’t wait!

Mikkel Parlo (DK) vs Simon Carlsen (DK)

Carlsen enters the ring as always, meanmugging! He looks big and ready.

Parlo is coming out now, the crowd goes wild again, standing up, chanting “Parlo, Parlo!”

We are ready to start!

Round 1:

The crowd chants “Parlo, Parlo!”, now some “Simon, Simon”! Parlo is bouncing around, looking for the opening. Carlsen is being way more cautious than usual. Parlo throws a huge right hand that just misses. Carlsen throws a strong legkick, Parlo answer with one as well. Carlsen lands a spinning kick, wow. He is mixing it up, he lands a knee as well to Parlo’s midsection. Parlo closes the distance and they throw bombs, wow! Hard shots. They clinch, Carlsen lands a solid knee, Parlo a solid hook. Parlo lands a strong leg kick, Carlsen a strong right. Parlo looks a bit puzzled, a bit wondering. He lands a nice one two though. Wow, a strong right hook, Carlsen has an iron jaw. Carlsen lands a knee to Parlo’s face. Carlsen lands a HUGE overhand right, Parlo goes down for a split second, stands up, the round ends. Wow!

First Round score:
Carlsen 10-9

Round 2:

Carlsen comes forward, pressuring Parlo. He lands another Knee to Parlo’s stomach. It hurts, you can tell. They clinch, they throw bombs. Wow, Parlo ducks and lands a huge overhand right. He closes the distance, they both grab each others neck with the left and punches with the right, wow, Parlo is throwing some HUGE rabbit hooks, again, again, again, Carlsens legs are giving out, he is dropping, he is down! THE REF STOPS IT! WOW! Everyone is on their feet! Completely insane, the crowd goes WILD with the chants of Parlo’s name! Parlo does a backflip, his teachers jump on the cage, a beatutiful moment indeed. He gets the belt put around his waist. Great fight, great effort by both fighters. My hats off to Simon Carlsen as well, tough fighter.

Winner by TKO in the second round: Mikkel Parlo

Parlo Wins in Spectacular Fashion to Take Belt

This concludes tonight’s fights. What a great evening, what a great event. The best I have ever attended here in Denmark. A full article, pictures, and video interviews will be up in the next few days, I hope you all enjoyed it