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David “The Brazilian Swede” Bielkheden (June 6, 1979) was the second Swedish fighter to fight in the UFC.

He has had three fights in the UFC, with a record of 1 win and 2 losses.  His first fight was on short notice at 170lbs against Diego Sanchez at UFC 82.  Since then, he dropped to 155lbs.  He had success against Jess Liaudin at UFC 89 using great striking and ground & pound.  He was unlucky against Mark Bocek at UFC 97 in Montreal, Canada, losing by submission in the first round.  After the loss to Bocek, the UFC released David.  He is seeking fights in order to make his way back to the UFC.  We wish him luck!

Here is an overview of David Bielkeden, as part of an article (written in Swedish) on : http://nyheter24.se/bloggar/kampsportsbloggar/mmabloggen/

David began competing professionally in 2001 and has since participated in the largest MMA galas. He was the first Swede to compete in the Pride FC 2006, and the first Swedish win in the UFC. Bielkheden began his martial arts career in kickboxing and has since been active in the disciplines, Boxing, Thai Boxing and BJJ. The first MMA match he attended was the Finn Fight, where one of the world’s most dangerous mixed martial arts competitions. At that time there were no rules, real Vale Tudo in the truest sense, where the contestants had no gloves (bare knuckle), and heads and elbows were allowed. The Brazilian Swede has dedicated many years to training in Brazil in the BTT and holds a black belt in BJJ under Murilo Bustamante. David Bielkheden is clearly a Swedish pioneer in the sport and has long held the Swedish flag flying on major international galas. He has been Sweden’s pride for many years, even when the sport was not as great as it is today. Thus, David has a given place of honor in Swedish MMA’s’ Hall of Fame “, and it is with pride that we in Superior Challenge presents this match.

David is putting together another run at the UFC.  He is winning fights, and hopes for another victory at Superior Challenge 6 in Stockholm.

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Early Win Against Mr. Grumpy –  :

Below is Daniel Acacio vs David Bielkheden at Superior Challenge 6. This was the controversial loss at his last fight, which was in October, 2010 in Stockholm.

SC6 David “The Brazilian Swede” Bielkheden vs Daniel “The Viking Hunter” Acacio from Superior TV on Vimeo.

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