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We don't decide what happens to us - but we always have the choice of how we react to it.

This last training camp was a complete mess to be honest. From a staph infection in my elbow, to torn ligaments in my knee, to straining the back so bad on my third day in the US that I lost the following 10 days of training, to finally injuring my ribs only two weeks before the fight... At the end I didn't know whether to laugh or cry about the whole situation, because I spent more time riding a stationary bike & rehabing than I wrestled & sparred COMBINED in my preparations for this fight.

The mental stress is worse than the physical though. When you have a big task in front of you and feel like you can't perform, but don't want to let people down either... My meditation practise certainly helped with this 🧘‍♂️

Luckily I didn't feel any injuries during the fight, but certainly the lack of physical preparation... Being unable to wrestle back I thought it would be stupid to fight fire with fire, so instead I used "water" and went to my jiu-jitsu constantly attacking submissions instead.

As always, I will grow from this. Aleady have a plan in mind before the next one 💪

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We got ourselves a fight! Feb 5, main event against Sean Strickland. Let me know what you think about the matchup! 👊😀
#hermanssonvsstrickland #thejokerdominates

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🤜HOW TO WATCH 🤛 My fight will be shown live on Bellator's YouTube-channel, starting 7 pm (EST) which is Saturday 1 am in Sweden 🌃 and I have the LAST fight before the main card starts at 10 pm (🇺🇲) or 4 am in (🇸🇪 )
You can find the link in my profile 📲

Thanks for supporting❣ @kaftsmallspodden @mma.yautja #Bellator272

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@nikoskonback versus @andreaslindblad89 photos from @cagemmafin 52 on the .com by @jarnojuutinen 📸 ...

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