MMA Denmark – Danish Fighter List

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Fighter Name NicknameGymWeight
Anna Elmose (Retired)PandaRumble Sports115lbs
Maria Hougaard-Djursaa (Retired)Fight Gym Odense/Shooters BJJ Odense145lbs
Ayub Tashkilot (Retired)ZapSubmission Fighting Aalborg155lbs
Danny MathiasenTBDCSA.dk155lbs
Soren BakThe True VikingCSA.dk155lbs
Nicolas DalbySharpshooterRumble Sports170lbs
Morten Djursaa (Retired)LumberjackFight Gym Odense/Shooters BJJ Odense170lbs
Martin Kampmann (Retired)HitmanXtreme Couture170lbs
Louis GlismannSpartacusArteSuaveDk170lbs
Mikkel Guldbaek (Retired)TBDTalarek180lbs
Mikkel Parlo (Retired)TBDXtreme Couture185lbs
Mikkel KasperTBDArteSuaveDk185lbs
Joachim ChristensenTBDBrasa Copenhagen205lbs
Nick BarnoTrue DaneArteSuaveDk248lbs
Christian Colombo (Retired)GodzillaCSA.dk265lbs
Mads BurnellWhite MambaArteSuaveDk155lbs
Damir HadzovicBosnian BomberRumbe Sports155lbs
Thomas JessingMr. ImmortalArteSuaveDk170lbs
Sweden's Pannie KianzadSexy ScrambleArteSuaveDk135lbs
Camilla Hinze (Retired)TBDArteSuaveDk135lbs
Mark O. MadsenThe OlympianOctagon Athletes170lbs
Mathias LodahlTBDRumble Sports145lbs
Jonas MågårdSharkRumble Sports135lbs