Nicolas Dalby takes on Rinat Fakhretdinov at UFC Fight Night in a welterweight showdown in Saudi Arabia.  The Dane comes in a huge underdog against the Russian getting a huge pop from the crowd.  After a three-round war, the judges scored the bout in favor of Fakhretdinov by split decision.

The Dane versus the Russian and the fight starts off immediately with both fighters looking to land.  Dynamight already firing away with a left and right high kick.  Nice one two punch here early, and the Rumble Sports fighter is flowing with kicks and punches.  The Russian with a one-two of his own then in on a take-down attempt.  Dalby with amazing balance, that stays on his feet.  But a booming right hand from Rinat, buckles the knees of the former Cage Warriors champ!  He is rocked!  Dalby keeps his composure and survives the first round.

Dalby is not backing down and moving forward with punches and kicks.  Fakhretdinov doesn’t want more of this and takes the fight to the ground, where Dalby doesn’t allow to last very long.  The Dane looking for a take-down of his own as he had a full body lock.  Now Nicolas landing some in the clinch, and a right high kick!  And a left kick!  The motor of Dalby does not stop, and again Fakhretdinov doesn’t want this on the feet, securing another take-down.  Dalby did the damage in that one, and referees should see that.

Dalby fights himself on his but for the first part of the final round.  Back to the feet with 2 minutes left, and Dalby gets taken down again.  Dynamite is needed to get back into the fight, and Dalby hits a switch and takes back!  80 seconds left, and Dalby looking to land… but finds himself defending another take-down (of course).  Dalby desperate, and there is hope in this crushing knee to the face!  Fakhretdinov looks rocked, but instinctively in on a take-down.  Dalby lands a big uppercut, but Fakhretdinov fires back in just a street fight all-out brawl the last 15 seconds.  What a fight!

This could go either way, but the judges see it in favor of the Russian 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for a split decision.