AFN 7 goes down where two titles will be at stake!

The event starts on June 29 at the Allstars Training Center in Solna and offers a match card with 17 fights to look forward to!

In the main event, we will see hometown favorite and AFN champion Sakhi “Machete” Qambari (4-1) to try and defend his title for the first time against the polish fighter Rafal Marczuk (4-1). Qambari comes from a four fight win streak where the last three wins have come by submission in the first round. He faces a power puncher in Marczuk who have finished all of his wins by K.O/TKO. A fight that most likely will be an action-packed match between two aggressive fighters who will do everything to take get the belt wrapped around their waist.

In the co-main event, we will see another explosive title match as Mark Vologdin (10-3-1) takes on Vinicius Moraes (2-3) where he will try to defend his bantamweight belt for the first time. Moraes last MMA fight was back in 2017 and have since then been a active muay thai fighter who now will make a comeback to the cage with one goal in mind, to take the belt back home to Brazil! This fight is between two fighters that are always looking for the finish, which builds up for a crazy fight with high stakes!

Poster: AFNMMA/Imeddi

Liam Pitts out after accident!

Liam Pitts (6-0 am) was set to make his return at AFN 7 to defend his belt for the second time against the Swedish prospect Arsen Tuganov. At the AFN 7 pressconference June 28th Mohammad Babadivand (CEO) told the media that Pitts had to cancel the fight because of a accident. The accident came after liam had slipped and hit the back of his head. The accident resulted in a concussion that lead to the fight beeing postponed for a later AFN event which has not jet been announced.

Sakhi Qambari (C) vs Rafał MarczukThis last fight for this evening is a title fight between two hungry fighters. Qambari takes Marczuks back and wins by submission (Rear naked choke) early in the first round.

Dominik Owsiany vs Arlind Berisha: Berisha wins by TKO due to several vicious elbows in the first round.

Eli Elias vs Benjamin Hajijan: Wow! Hajijan wins by KO in the first round in his Pro debut.

Elmir Abbasov vs Artem Turchiniak: Abbasov get the first takedown after some clinch work. Turchiniak gets some kicks in before Abbasov gets another takedown. Abbasov wins by submission (armtriangel) in the second round.

Danijel Grbic vs Naib Itayev: Early on Itayev goes for a takedown, over and over again Grbic got taken down by the opponent. Itayev gets top position and landed some ground and pound on Grbic. Grbic lands some hard punches on Itayev. The round ended with Itayev was on top and the bell saved Grbic from Itayevs vicouse ground and pound. Like the previous round its alot of time on the ground in Itayevs favour. Itayev wins by submission (d`arce choke) in the second round.

Herolind Xhafolli vs Dawid Gałęcki: Xhafoli starts of the fight with a fast crane kick to shock Gałęcki. Gałęcki follows up with clinching and then jumping the guillotine which forces Xhafoli to tap out. Gałęcki get the win by submission (guilliotine) in the first round.

Photo: Patrik Persson

Moheb Azizi vs Abdulaziz Husein: The first round starts of with some tough exchanges between the to fighters. Husein gets the fights first takedown and works from top. They get up and Azizi lands a kick to the genital area making Husein go down. Husein gets a little paus to recover but when they start they had to paus again do to an eyepoke from Azizi. The fight continues and Husein work for a takedown and gets it. Husein work on his submission and have his hooks in for a rear naked choke but Azizi got saved by the bell. During second round Azizi gets a takedown controlling the round working on submission attempt. The third round starts with some wild exchanges before Husein work in clinch. The fight continues on the ground and Azizi had back position before Husein sweeps over and get top position. Azizi takes top position working on another submission attempt. The winner is Azizi by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28).

Photo: Patrik Persson

Dans Bukovskis vs Ola Jakobsson: Starts rather quickly but Jakobsson gets a takedown working for a rear naked choke having back position. Jakobsson lands some hits from top and make himself have making it hard for the opponent to get up. Jakobsson gets another takedown in the second round. Jakobsson is in charge and lands both ground and pound but also submission attempt. Jakobsson wins by submission (Triangel) in the third round in his Pro debut.

Photo: Patrik Persson

Ratko Tomic vs Alexander Håkansson: This is a semi-final for the welterweight rising star tournament. Håkansson gets a early takedown but they get up rather quick but Håkansson get the clinch before the fight moves to the center. Tomic tries for a takedown but Håkansson is not about that and defends it. The second round starts and Håkansson gets the takedown giving him top position but Tomic is trying to get up but Håkansson push back down. In the third round they start by giving each other a hug before they go into the round that ends back on the ground with Håkansson on top. Tomic gets up but are in a clinch situation before they are center cage again. There are some exchanges between the fighters before Håkansson gets another takedown. Håkansson wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) making him move on to the final in the welterweight rising star tournament.

Photo: Patrik Persson

Omic enters the cage for the stardown for upcoming event against Håkansson.

Oscar Lövgren vs Emim Omic: The first round went by fast and Lövgren was in a unpleasent situation but was saved by the bell and gave him a new chans in the second round. Omic lands some hard strikes on Lövgren. The fight lands on the ground with Omic on top controlling the situation trying to get the win. Omic lands some really hard ground and pound before the bell rings. In the third round Lövgren lands some kicks to Omic body and also some strikes. Lövgren tries for some acrobatic fun but in the end it ends up on the ground again and Omic is the top again. Emim Omic wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) making him move on to the final in the welterweight rising star tournament.

Photo: Patrik Persson

Osman Vacoev vs Jonathan Larsson: Jonathan Larsson is making his MMA debut here in Stockholm tonight but Vacoev get Larsson into a clinch, trying to go for a takedown but Larsson is strong but in the end Vacoev gets the takedown. Larsson got saved and are getting a second round in the MMA cage. Second round starts and Vacoev gets an early takedown but Larsson gets up but have a hard time defending the new takedown attempts from his opponent. The third round is up and it gives some action, strikes and kicks landing from both fighters but like earlier rounds Vacoev gets top position and are working for the finish but Larsson is not done and sweeps and get the top position and lands some hard ground and pound, The winner is Vacoev by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Bajad Damarkani vs Sukhrob Tokhirov: Tokhirov lands some strikes and kicks but Damarkani also get some striks and kicks in before going in for a clinch situation working on his takedown. Tokhirov gets out and takes the fight to the center of the cage and the fights delivers strikes and kicks from both fighters. Second round starts with some intense striking but also kicks. Tokhirov finds the top after Damarkani slipps a bit and goes down. Tokhirov tries for a submission but Damarkani was saved by the bell. Third round starts with the same striking that was seen earlier and the crowd are really loving this fight. The winner is Tokhirov by unanimous decision (29-28,29-28,29-28).

Viktor Mangs vs Jafar Yousifi: Yousifi starts of strong with some leg kicks but Mangs dosen´t give up trying to get some strikes in. In the second round Mangs works from clinch to get a takedown and gets it and gives him the top position. Yousifi gets up and gives Mangs some hard hits before Mangs follows up with some kick before the bell goes of. In the third round gives tempo and Yousifi gets Mangs in a clinch, working for the takedown but Mangs is giving him a hard time and Yousifi dosen´t get the takedown. The winner is Mangs by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Photo: Patrik Persson

Rashid Gidaev vs Martin Karlsson: One word and that is action! Both fighthers just goes at it, kicks and striking is given and landing from both of this hungry fighters. Karlsson goes for a clinch before Gidaev breaks it and its back in the middle of the mat. Well this fight is just action and it gives alot of tempo. Second rounds starts with the same tempo and massive strikes and kicks from the to inside the cage. They are really giving the crowd something to cheer for and the crowd goes wild. Third round at the boys are still giving it their all and they are trying their best to get the finish. Gidaev gets a takedown at the end of the last round but didn´t find a way to get the finish leaving it in the hands of the judges. Gidaev wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Houdifa Shadad vs Simon Sinclair: Its some striking back and forth between the to fighters during the first round but also some beautiful kicks. Shadad went with a great takedown make the fight to continue on the ground before they went back up on the feet. Its been a fight with alot of tempo, giving both fighters chans to win. Second round ended on the ground, saved by the bell. Sinclair started third round with a kick before Shadad gets another takedown giving him top position. Sinclair wins by unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 30-27).

George Youssef vs Elias Ksia: Action from start, Ksia in a clinch trying to get a takedown. Both fighters are giving each other a hard time in. the cage. Ksia gets a takedown late in the first round. Second round are somehow alot like the first, Ksia chasing the takedown before he gets it.  Like the first round the round also ended on the ground when the bell went of. Third and last round starts filled with action back and forth and both fighters lands with striks. Even this round gets to the ground with Ksia on top, working om his finish. Ksia wins by unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 29-28).

Shamil Magomedov vs Safi Khaistagul: Khaistagul started of with i kick to the body, but Magomedov landed some massive legkicks. The fight went to the ground and its a little back and forth between the fighters. The fight ended with some after the bell action leading to a disqualification and the win goes to Safi Khaistagul between the first and second round.

Allstars Fight Night 7 – Fightcard

Main Card

Live at Sportbladet+ kl. 17:00 (swedish time)

  • Featherweight title fight 65,8kg: (C) Sakhi Qambari wins by submission vs Rafał Marczuk.
  • Bantamweight title fight -61.2kg: (C) Mark Vologdin vs Vinicius Moraes cancelled.
  • Light heavyweight -93 kg: Dominik Owsiany vs Arlind Berisha wins by TKO.
  • Bantamweight -61.2 kg: Eli Elias vs Benjamin Hajijan wins by KO.
  • Catchweight -69 kg: Elmir Abbasov wins by submission vs Artem Turchiniak.
  • Middleweight -83.9 kg: Danijel Grbic vs Naib Itayev wins by submission.
  • Catchweight -73 kg: Herolind Xhafolli vs Dawid Gałęcki wins by submission.
  • Bantamweight -61.2 kg: Moheb Azizi wins by unanimous decision vs Abdulaziz. Husein

Under Card

  • Catchweight -69 kg: Dans Bukovskis vs Ola Jakobsson wins by submission.
  • Welterweight -77.1 kg: Ratko Tomic vs Alexander Håkansson wins by unanimous decision.
  • Welterweight -77.1 kg: Oscar Lövgren vs Emim Omic wins by unanimous decision.
  • Catchweight -75 kg: Osman Vacoev wins by unanimous decision vs Jonathan Larsson.
  • Catchweight -72 kg: Bajad Damarkani vs Sukhrob Tokhirov wins by unanimous decision.
  • Lightweight -70.3 kg: Viktor Mangs wins by split decision vs Jafar Yousifi.
  • Lightweight – 70.3 kg: Rashid Gidaev wins by unanimous decision vs Martin Karlsson.
  • Catchweight -105 kg: Houdifa Shadad vs Simon Sinclair wins by unanimous decision.
  • Catchweight -68 kg: George Youssef vs Elias Ksia wins by unanimous decision.
  • Catchweight -75 kg: Shamil Magomedov vs Safi Khaistagul win due to disqualification.