MMA Sweden – Swedish Fighter List

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Sweden Fighter List

Fighter NameNicknameGymWeight
Bea MaleckiBad News Barbie135lbs
Cornelia HolmConny Future135lbs
Iman Darabi (Retired)TBDPancrase Gym115lbs
Binh Son LeBuddhaSwedish Top Team125lbs
Lina Eklund (Retired)LynxPancrase Gym Sweden125lbs
Linn Wennergren (Retired)La MachineGBG MMA / Team East Front
Amir AlbaziThe PrinceLondon Shootfighters135lbs
David Haggström (Retired)TBDRen-Yi Fight Camp135lbs
Emil Hartsner (Retired)MegahertzFrontier MMA 135lbs
Lina Akhtar LänsbergElbow PrincessMalmö Muay Thai & MMA'
Pannie KianzadSexy Scramble135lbs
Sirwan KakaiZohanGBG MMA/American Top Team135lbs
Akira Corassani (Retired)TBDRenzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu145lbs
Frantz SlioaSuaveAllstars Training Center145lbs
Martin Svensson (Retired)The Big F'n SwedeFrontier MMA145lbs
Rami Azizi (Retired)TBDSwedish Top Team145lbs
Niklas BäckströmKing of the NorthAllstars Training Center145lbs
Elina Nilsson (Retired)TBDGladius MMA 152lbs
Fernando GonzalezThe T-shirt Snatcher Allstars Training Center155lbs
Reza MadadiMad DogAllstars Training Center155lbs
Diego GonzalezThe SilencerAllstars Training Center156lbs
Andreas StählReal SteelRen-Yi Fight Camp/Allstars Training Center169lbs
Jonatan WestinTBDAllstars Training Center169lbs
Alan CarlosBrazilian VikingHalmstad MMA 170lbs
Assan Njie (Retired)The Black AttackGBG MMA 170lbs
Besam YousefGrumpy CatGladius MMA 170lbs
Bruno CarvalhoBCAllstars Training Center/Team Carvalho170lbs
David BielkhedenThe Brazilian Swede Brazilian Top Team/Hilti NHB170lbs
Nicholas MusokeNicoAllstars Training Center170lbs
Chris Späng (Retired)The Kiss J-Sect MMA/One Kick's Gym171lbs
Papy AbediMakamboAllstars Training Center175lbs
Alexander BergmanTBDTBD185lbs
Andreas SpängSweet Swede J-Sect MMA/One Kick's Gym185lbs
Jack HermanssonJokerNorway at Frontline Academy185lbs
Mats Nilsson (Retired)TBDRumble Sports185lbs
Max NunesPowerNew Wave Academy MMA 185lbs
Sadibou SyTBDWASA Martial Arts Center185lbs
Victor ChengTBDGladius MMA 185lbs
Magnus Cedenblad (Retired)JyckenAllstars Training Center185lbs
Tor Troeng (Retired)The Hammer Renyi Fight Camp/Allstars Training Center185lbs
Alexander GustafssonThe Mauler Allstars Training Center/Alliance MMA205lbs
Herdem AlacabekTBDAllstars Training Center205lbs
Ilir LatifiThe Sledgehammer Pancrase Gym Sweden205lbs
Karl AlbrektssonKingPancrase Gym Sweden205lbs
Eddy Bengtsson (Retired)TBDGladius MMA 265lbs
Yosef Ali MohammadThe MountainAvam265lbs