Louis Glismann (10-2) beat up Andrej Kalašnik (10-4) in the first round of the Tipsport Gamechanger: 16 European fighter tournament with 1 million Euro up for grabs. It was a dominant three round performance and a unanimous decision win for the Dane.

Glismann is the only Nordic fighter in the Czech Republic at the Ostravar Arena, and took on a late replacement with success. The Dane started with kicks, but the taller Kalašnik came in with big punch attemps. The black belt gets in on the legs and looks to finish the take-down, but Andrej is a Greco wrestler and defends well. Louis just can’t finish as Andrej counters, but nearly finishes as take down as he goes with a full body lock, and Kalašnik may have grabbed the fence to keep it standing. This time Glismann finishes the take-down as he sweeps the Czech Republic fighter, and he is now stretching out the leg of Andrej and looks to hyperextend his knee for a tap. Now looking to take full mount, and lands some nice elbows. Nearly an armbar as the bell rings. A good round that goes to the Dane.

Both fighters in the tie-up against the cage to start the second round, and on the break Kalašnik lands some good punches. And another solid uppercut. Louis wants to get a take-down and grabs a single leg. Andrej defends will and now finishes a take-down, but Spartacus ends up on top! Half way through the round. Landing some good elbows already, and the Arte Suave fighter is in total control again. Landing some good shots from side mount. Now full mount with 1 minute to go. Glismann is putting a full beating on! Punches and punches on top, now Kalašnik goes to his stomach and getting punched and punched in the head. Oh, the bell rings as it is nearly stopped by the referee.

Directly in on a single-leg to start the 3rd round, but Kalašnik again defends well to keep it to the feet. Half way through the round it is Glismann that gets in on deep a double-leg and finishes this time with no delay. Into full mount, and I don’t see the late replacement getting out here.  And it is more of the same for Glismann that dominates the final round.  All three judges see it in favor of the Dane for a unanimous decision victory.

The Arte Suave fighter was supposed to face Amiran Gogoladze (14-3), but the former GFC Welterweight belt holder and Contender Series was overweight and couldn’t stay within the renogiated terms to fight the Dane.

“Representing Denmark is who I am” says the 32-year-old Copenhagen based fighter.  “Kill or be killed” says Glismann that is ready to show he is “the best welterweight out here.

Kalašnik is a familiar name to Nordic MMA fans as he stopped Norwegian Ole-Jørgen Mandt Johnsen at Oktagon 17 back in 2020.