Heroes Fighting Championship is laying plans beyond tonight’s promotional debut. Today the organization announced that three bouts on tonight’s card of 13 MMA and Muay Thai bouts will be headed for titles at the promotions next event, which will beheld in Helsingborg at Helsingborg Arena on September 28.




The winner of the following bouts will be challenging for titles :
Martin Akhtar and Emil Hartsner – Bantamweight Title
Allan Love and Alan Carlos – Middleweight Title
Abus Magomedov and Andreas Stahl – Welterweight title

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The full fight card is listed below :
Main-event: Thai A-Klass -70 kg : Sanny Dahlbeck, 27-4-1 vs. Mauro Serra, 19-6-2
Co main-event: MMA -83,9 kg: Alan Carlos, 10-7-0 vs. Allan Love, 9-4-0
Co main-event: MMA -61,2 kg: Martin Akhtar, 2-0-0 vs. Emil Hartsner, 3-0-0
Thai A-klass -58 kg : Madeleine Vall, 43-13-0 vs. Christin Fiedler, 20-10-0
MMA -120,1 kg: Yosef Ali Mohammad, 1-0-0 vs. Viktor Pesta, 7-0-0
MMA -77,1 kg: Andreas Ståhl, 7-0-0 vs. Abus Magomedov, 7-0-0
MMA -77,1 kg: Per Franklin, 4-2-0 vs. Tim Waage, 1-1-0
MMA -70,3 kg: Jonathan Svensson, 4-0-0 vs. Guram Katateladze, 3-0-0
MMA -70,3 kg: Kristoffer Källgren, 2-1-0 vs. Christopher Wassberg, 2-2-0
MMA -63 kg: Lina Länsberg, 0-1-0 vs. LJ Adams, 1-0-0
Thai -81 kg B-Klass : Marcus Johansson, 6-2-0 vs. KIm Dahlgren, 5-1-0
MMA -83,9 kg: Marcus Andersson, 3-0-0 vs. Jonathan Salminen, 1-0-0
MMA -65,8 kg: Michel Erso, 0-2-0 vs. Robert Naess, Proffsdebut