Alexander Gustafsson’s bout with Gegard Mousasi is still in jeopardy, but the former Strikeforce champion still says “the fight is on”, and he is going to fly to Sweden tomorrow he says in today’s interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

Gegard Mousasi
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“We are going tomorrow to Sweden, and everything is the same as usual.” continues Mousasi, who says his manager “is in contact with Joe Silva”.

Gustafsson’s cut has been of much discussion, and the clearance for Saturday’s main event bout in Stockholm is uncertain. Ultimately, The Mauler would need approval on Friday by Swedish MMA Federation doctors in order to fight on the following day.

In discussion about the cut, Mousasi is set on taking full advantage of his light heavyweight opponent’s injury. I won’t be “sportsmanlike”. “I am going to hit him where he is cut” says Mousasi.

“I just want to win the fight” says Mousasi, who doesn’t expect a title shot with a victory. The former Strikeforce fighter is calm as ever, and awaits more information. “I haven’t heard anything” continues the visiting opponent, who is still set on facing his original opponent.

Stay tuned for more information.