Max Nunes looks to keep his undefeated streak tonight. Stockholm-raised Nunes is 9-0 and faces another undefeated fighter, Marcin Lazarz, at BAMMA 12.

Max Nunes Seeking Another Victory at BAMMA II (photo by

Play-by-Play & Results

Although both are training in the UK, it is a Poland fighter against a Swede. Now living in London, “Power” will face the wrestler Lazarz.


Round 1
The bout starts off with striking, as both look to establish thier range. The Polish fighter snatches a single leg and gets a take-down, but Nunes gets it back to the feet. The two are against the cage tied-up. The fighters look like strong light heavyweights, and neither has an advantage in the tie. Nunes looking for damage in the tie-up, but Lazarz looking for the take-down . A big left hand from Nunes, and he is looking for the kill. But Nunes gets hit, and the Swede is hurt. Both fighters have had their moments in the last exchange, and Lazarz takes the fight to the mat. Nunes back up, and a huge left shin to the face… but Lazarz takes the fight back to the ground after. Nunes finishes with some elbows from the bottom. What a round.

Round 2
Nunes looking for a left kick again, but now he lands with a sharp one-two combination. Nunes looks to be the quicker of the two, as he stands in a southpaw stance. The two tie-up again, and Lazarz brings the fight to the ground. Power is again using effective elbows from the bottom, and now seeking an armbar, but can’t get it. Two minutes left, and Nunes has his back against the cage. The fight is now on the feet again, but not for long as he is taken down again. But the bout goes back to the feet to end round 2.

Round 3
The last round and Nunes is standing ready for the third as he waves and winks. The striking is again in Nunes favor, and he drops the Polish fighter following up with a bunch of punches and he cuts the fighter now using elbows and punches… and more punches from the mount, and the referee has to jump in to stop the bout. Nunes finishes early in the third in dominant fashion. Another win for the Swede.

Max Nunes
Max Nunes Takes-in Victory
Max Nunes Talks About Win
Max Nunes Talks About Win