Superior Challenge

Superior Challenge events are amazing events… not only because they are in Sweden, but because they are professionally run with a top-notch production.

There is added excitement because, for the most part it showcases popular Swedish fighters versus Europe’s (and now the world’s) elite fighters.  I’ve attended #2 and #3, #4, and #6, and I won’t miss any future event.  Support local MMA and buy a ticket to Superior Challenge.

April 30, 2011
Superior Challenge 6 “Rise of Champions”

October 29, 2010
Superior Challenge 6

Fight Card
April 24, 2010
Superior Challenge 5 – Pride & Fury

Fight Card
October 31, 2009
Superior Challenge 4 – Bad Intentions

Fight Card

Here are some pictures :

May 5, 2009
Superior Challenge 3 – Untamed

October 25, 2008
Superior Challenge 2 – Resurrection

April 5, 2008
Superior Challenge 1 – The Uprising

“Well organized, government-backed events like Superior Challenge are crucial for the development of martial arts in Sweden. But they also help create a platform and a community to help foster home-grown talent. As professional athletes, it is possible to achieve an increasingly prosperous career in what has been touted as ‘the fastest growing sport in the world.”
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