MMA Viking has been able to confirm that Finnish light heavyweight prospect Marcus “Caveman” Vänttinen (21-3) will make his Bellator debut at the promotions show labeled “66” on the 20th of April in Cleveland, USA. In his debut the Caveman will face American John “Big” Hawk (6-4).

Marcus Vänttinen commented the situation to MMA Viking:

“I’ve been waiting eagerly for my Bellator debut and I’m happy that they got me a fight before the tournament which starts in June. I’ve been training really hard the whole winter and I’m ready for this. Time to hunt, gather and FIGHT!”

Marcus "Caveman" Vänttinen is ready to FIGHT! Photo by Mike Siren

Get to know Marcus Vänttinen and check out the interview MMA Viking did with him just a while ago.

MMA Viking will follow Vänttinen’s preparation for his Bellator debut, so stay tuned for more stuff on the modern day Caveman!

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