is cageside at Fight Night Dublin for coverage of Iceland’s Gunnar Nelson who faces American Zak Cummings at The 02.

Nelson Cummings
Nelson Seeking His 4th UFC Win in Dublin


Zak Cummings appears pumped, calling out to the Irish crowd for their support as he takes his place in the cage. The crowd roars, and through the cacophony Gunnar Nelson emerges, the icy shroud of his calm, enigmatic, disposition undiminished by the roaring of the crowd. Through the introductions, Cummings is met with ill will, but Nelson is showered in glorious applause, a sound which would make many a man crack a beaming smile, but which appears to phase Nelson not at all.

Round 1

The two respectfully touch gloves, and the warriors go to work. A leg kick for Cummings, who paws out an ineffectual jab. The Icelandic fighter closes the distance, but Cummings clinches and pushes him to the cage. Nelson takes his back from the cage and locks in the Thai plum, landing a solid knee to the body of his foe. Cummings escapes the clinch, but finds himself on the outside of the center. Cummings thrusts forward with a one-two, but falls short. Nelson’s darting motion, the constant ebb and flow of his tide troubles Cummings until Nelson lands a solid kick to the body. Nelson darts in with 2 consecutive right hands but Cummings forces him to the fence once more. Nelson clinches and steps off the cage, then the two break and Cummings once more finds himself on the outside. Kick to the body from the American, but Nelson throws one to the head in return. Cummings attempts to trap the hand then throw a jab with the very same hand, but falls short. A jumping knee lands, albeit ineffectually, for Cummings. Cummings clinches and pushes the battle to the chain-link. A right hand, then three bludgeoning lefts from the American. They break away from the cage as the round ends.

Round 2

A touch of gloves begins the round, once more, and Cummings once more tries his hand at the combination jab and hand trap. A solid left hook and left straight touch the chin of Nelson, but the two clinch, and Nelson pushes Cummings toward the fence, peppering the body of the American with knees along the way. Cummings turns the corner at the last second and it’s Nelson with his back along the chain link, but he is not content to stay there and forces his way to the center with his elusive movement. A solid right straight catches the chin of the American, who was lulled by the movement of Nelson. The Icelandic Enigma once more finds the chin of Cummings, but Cummings surges forward with a flurry. Nelson walks Cummings down against the fence and throws a solid kick to the body of comings, but Cummings catches the leg on the way out. Nelson sprawls away from the leg trip, and brings Cummings head down to the mat, then snatches the back of the unsuspecting American. Nelson rapidly sinks in the body triangle, thrashing Cummings with hard shots which bloody his nose, then sinking in the Lion Killer, a tight rear naked choke. The tap comes moments later as Nelson tightens his crushing hold on the body and throat of his foe.


The Winner, at 4 minutes and 48 seconds of round 2, by way of Rear Naked Choke, Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson.