Swede Nico Musoke will be on the main card of UFC Fight Night 36. The Allstars Training Center athlete will be taking on Brazilian Viscardi Andrade. MMAViking.com will provide live results of the event taking place at the Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  See live results and play-by-play below.

Musoke at Weigh-in
Andrade and Musoke at Weigh-in Photo from Sherdog


The bout is scheduled for three five minute rounds. It’s 5:15 local time in Sweden / 6:15 in Helsinki… and the fight is about to begin.  Musoke is the first to enter the Octagon.

Round 1

Musoke looks for a big right hand to start.  The Swede with his hands up high.  Musoke looks for a right hand, but is countered with a takedown from Andrade.  The bout hits the floor with the Brazilian on top within the first minute.  Musoke tries to get up, and his back is on the cage and he is out.  Two minutes in, and Musoke lands a nice jab.

Half way through the first and a big hand from Andrade that celebrates because he thinks it’s over.  Musoke down and on his back, but he fights and even looks for a triangle.  Andrade looking for a finish on top in full guard, but the Swede looks composed, while Musoke gets half guard.  One minute and 30 seconds left and Musoke is on his feet.  Now it is Musoke moving forward and lands a nice left hook.  The two are swinging, and Musoke looks for a head kick.

MMAViking.com Score – Andrade 10-9 round based on huge right hand.

Round 2

The two tie up, and it is Musoke that takes control with a body lock.  Nice knee from the Swede as he backs Andrade against the cage.  The two continue their tie-up battle.  The Allstars training center fighter is stalking Andrade and lands a nice left high-kick and Musoke is hurting the Brazilian .

Half way through the round, and Musoke is taking control of this round.  The Swede in full guard and looking for punches, and postures up for a nice right hand to the head… and another.  Hammerfists from the top, and another nice right hand.  Just over a minute left.  Musoke lands good elbows and clearly taking this round with a two minute beat-down to end the round.

MMAViking.com Score – Musoke 10-9 round based on punches and elbows in the last half of the round.

Musoke Comes Back Against Andrade | Photo: G. Venga/Sherdog.com

Round 3

Musoke again the one moving forward, and Andrade escapes as Musoke tries to tie-up.  This third round will decide the bout, and both fighters are tired.  Musoke with the advantage early.  Musoke gets the fight to the ground and takes back briefly, before the Brazilian pops back up the feet.  Musoke takes back and sinks in both hooks.

Half way through the round, and Musoke in control on the ground.  The Swede takes a body lock and there are two minutes left in the bout.  Another minute ticks off the clock and there is only 80 seconds left as Musoke is content keeping control.  The crowd isn’t happy, but Musoke won’t be letting go of position soon.  Andrade seems content here also, but time is running out.

MMAViking.com Score – Musoke 10-9 round for complete control of third round.  29-28 is the unofficial score of this bout.

Official Decision : 29-28 Musoke, 29-28 Musoke, 29-28 Musoke.  Unanimous decision for Musoke.

Musoke with Coaches Alan Do Nascimento and Max Philipsson (Photo from
Musoke with Coaches Alan Do Nascimento and Max Philipsson (Photo from