is at the Vantaa Energy Arena in Helsinki for Cage 25 this Saturday night.  Follow all the live action here of the international card, headlined by a Finn versus Finn title bout between Kai Puolakka and Glenn Sparv.


77.1 kg / WW
Mikko Ahmala, Finland vs. Ville Vanhanen, Finland
Round 1 : Ville Vanhanen enters the cage in black and blue trunks. Mikko Ahmala struts out and takes his position opposite Vanhanen in the black, blue and white. The two touch gloves and the bell rings. Ahmala lands a combination ending with a high kick early, and Vanhanen circles to try and find his opening. Left kick from Ahmala lands on the body of Vanhanen and Ahmala pursues. Vanhanen throws the kick and misses. Ahmala steps to the outside and shoots, landing in the guard of Vanhanen. Heavy elbows dropping and Ahmala searches for an ankle lock or knee bar. He doesn’t find it however, and lands back in the top position. An upkick from Vanhanen and Ahmala is back on the feet, looking for an opening on the prone Vanhanen. Ahmala closes the distance and once again is within the guard of Vanhanen. Vanhanen is streaked with blood and it is now pouring freely from the back of his head. Ahmala slowly pushes his way to the center of the cage, landing shots from the top from time to time. Ahmala searches for a pass and manages to leace the closed guard for side control. After several shots from the top Vanhanen hits a switch and ends the round on top.

Round 2:  There is a brief intermission as some member of staff cleans the blood from the mat. The two fighters close distance and Ahmala searches for a guillotine briefly. On the exit Ahmala scores a solid knee to the body, then a left hand to the head of Vanhanen. Vanhanen circles and feints, Ahmala reacts and Vanhanen pushes him to the fence, where he lands a knee or two of his own. Vanhanen take Ahmala from the fence to the mat, and resides within the guard of his fellow countryman. Vanhanen lands a solid right hand  and uses it as an opportunity to pass into side control. Vanhanen controlling the head of Ahmala from side control, then puts a knee to the chest to attempt to find leverage on a right hand. Ahmala uses this opportunity to put Vanhanen back within his guard. Ahmala is landing shots from the bottom, and Vanhanen sports a new cut, which is bleeding freely, on the crown of his skull. Vanhanen is working all angles and landing to the body and head before taking to the feet and landing kicks on the legs of his prone opponent. Ahmala is up now as well, and secures a takedown to end the round.

Photo by Iikka Nikkinen, MMAViking.
Photo by Iikka Nikkinen, MMAViking.

Round 3: The two fighters embrace to start the round and both fighters signal for applause. Vanhanen is looking far more mobile than in previous rounds, but Ahmala throws volume before moving to a safer distance. Ahmala throws a body kick which lands then is pushed to the fence. With his back to the fence Ahmala manages to take down Vanhanen but as Ahmala searches for a choke, Vanhanen reverses the position. This is short lived, however and Vanhanen takes him to the cage. After a period of inactivity Vanhanen is taken down again, but responds with resounding elbows from the bottom. Ahmala attempts to posture in the guard but settles in side control, at which time the ref stops the fight as there appears to have been a kick to the head of a grounded opponent. Vanhanen is deducted a point. The fight resumes and Vanhanen is able to escape the position, placing Ahmala on his back in the scramble. Vanhanen is throwing as hard and heavy as possible as the two struggle to their feet. The cage is a vision of crimson and white as the two Finns, covered in blood, open up on one another. The bell sounds the end of the round and the two fighters embrace.

Decision: Majority Decision victory for your winner,  Mikko Ahmala.

70.3 kg / LW
Mikael Nyyssönen, Finland vs. Ville Heikkonen, Finland
Round 1 : Heikkonen is the first man in the cage for this lightweight bout. Nyyssönen joins his opponent in the cage, and asks the crowd for appleause. Heikkonen gestures for a touch of gloves and is obliged by Nyyssönen, who lands a stiff jab early. Nyyssönen lands a kick and Heikkonen pushes him to the cage, attempting to secure a takedown. Nyyssönen flips Heikkonen, searching for a choke, but Heikkonen circles and lands on top. Heikkonen scrambles and takes the back, searching for a rear naked choke. Heikkonen slaps on the body triangle and flattens Nyyssönen out, raining down punches from the left hand. The two are pressed to the cage with Heikkonen riding the back of Nyyssönen. Nyyssönen attempts to shake Heikkonen free but fails, and decides to stand up. The face of Nyyssönen is bloodied and his desire to end the fight by way of Rear Naked Choke now seems like a distant memory and a sick joke as Heikkonen tightens his vicelike grip, but Nyyssönen is not to be denied his revenge, it seems, as he pushes Heikkonen over the top, slides out the backdoor and locks his own rearnaked choke. The tap comes from Heikkonen, and Nyyssönen adds another strangled opponent to his list of victims.

Photo by Iikka Nikkinen, MMAViking.
Photo by Iikka Nikkinen, MMAViking.

Mikael Nyyssönen is the winner by tapout due to rear naked choke at 4 minutes and 14 seconds of the very first round.

65.8 kg / FW
Greger Forsell, Finland vs Agoney Romero, Spain
Round 1 : The Finn, Greger Forsell, and the Spaniard, Agoney Romero, have taken their places in the cage. The applause for the Finn resound through the stadium as he is introduced. A touch of gloves and Forsell blitzes Romero to the dence. Forsell’s takedown is stuffed, however and after a brief scramble Romero takes the back of the Finn. The Spaniard has tight control and lifts, then slams the Finn, but finds his arm in the danger zone as the Finn lands. Forsell slaps on a lightening quick armbar and the ref stops the fight.

Greger Forsell is the victor by way of submission (armbar) at 1:01 of the very first round.

61.2 kg / BW
Janne Elonen-Kulmala, Finland vs. Vinko Roditi, Switzerland
Round 1 : Vinko Roditi enters to ‘Ace of Spades’, and runs full sprint to the cage, eager to get the contest underway. Janne Elonen-Kulmala takes a more measured approach and saunters to his position. Elonen-Kulmala takes the center of the cage early but absorbs a left, right, left combo followed by a kick to the body from Roditi. Roditi takes the center, then blazes forward with a right hand and a kick to the body. The two clash as Roditi searches for a takedown, but his attempts fail. Roditi blazes forward with a combination of hands and a kick to the body, but falls short with all but the kick. Elonen-Kulmala turns the corner and attempts to string together some hands with more success. Resuming the center Roditi lands with a jab to the body. The two circle, and Roditi shoots for a takedown to find himself tapping to Elonen-Kulmala’s  anaconda choke moment later.

Your winner by way of tapout (anaconda choke) Janne Elonen-Kulmala.

56.7 kg / FlyW
Mikael Silander, Finland vs. Tony Caizedo, Spain
Round 1 : Caizedo emerges to the highly popular Can’t Hold Us by Seattle artist, Macklemore, and the crowd erupts. He is pursued to the cage by his foe, Silander, however emerges to Dropkick Murphy’s Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, and the crowd erupts for their Countryman. Silander immediately takes the center of the cage, and checks a kick from Caizedo. Caizedo fires another kick to the inside of the leg and ranges one again to the outside. It appears as if Caizedo attempts to pull guard, or perhaps a slip, either way his back hits the mat and Silander is all over him. Silander is in the closed guard of Caizedo and the ref calls for action. Caizedo appears to be pursuing a triangle, but the ref isn’t having it and stands them up. Caizedo throws heavy leather but is winging his shots here. Silander clips him and keeps him on the run, but as the pace slows the only output from Caizedo is leg kicks. Silander checks a kick and begins walking down his ipponent who is moving back and throwing wildly. Silander doesn’t take the bait, however. Silander slips a punch, ducks under, grabs ahold of Caizedo and takes him for a ride befor slamming him to the mat. Before Silander can slip on the arm triangle, it appears Caizedo has tapped.

Your winner, by Technical Knockout in the first round is Mikael Silander.

70.3 kg / LW (This fight will be conducted at a catchweight, as Pedro Morcillo has missed weight.)
Juha-Pekka Vainikainen, Finland vs. Pedro Morcillo, Spain
Round 1 : A touch of gloves and the two meet in the center. Morcillo swings wide then misses on a leg kick attempt. Morcillo goes to the body of Vainikainen and finds his target before getting tagged by the Finn in return. Vainikainen pumps the jab, looking to keep the shorter fighter outside of striking range. Morcillo is content to land vicious kicks to the legs of Vainikainen, and the Spaniard kicks with vicious intent. Vainikainen tags the Spaniard, but there is no quit in him and he fires back with hard shots with his back to the cage. Spinning back fist lands for Morcillo and he follows with another vicious kick. He appears to be regaining his composure. Vainikainen Controls the outside but Morcillo is landing kicks at will. Another spinning backfist followed by a headkick land for Morcillo, but Vainikainen is undaunted and moces forward with shots to the body. Vainikainen is ranging shots to the head of Morcillo, but Morcillo covers up and uncorks a solid kick to the lead leg of the Finn. The round ends with the two attempting to find an appropriate range that won’t result in vicious damage to the leg, or unconsciousness, but this range is not found.

Vainikainen Backs Up Ward
Vainikainen Punching Morcillo

Round 2:  As the round opens, the two circle and Morcillo once again finds a place for his shin on the thigh of Vainikainen. Morcillo is wary of the hands of Vainikainen, as he should be, but he fires vicious shots until he’s caught by an uppercut from the fin that leaves him laying slumped and broken on the mat. He is separated from consciousness, and takes a few minutes to rise to his feet.

Winner by Knockout in the second round, Juha-Pekka Vainikainen.

77.1 kg / FW
Joni Salovaara, Finland vs. Adam Ward, USA
Round 1 : Our competitors meet in the center of the cage and Ward opens with kicks. Salovaara returns fire and lands with his own kick to the leg. The two circle and Ward falls short with a punch to the body. Salovaara backs Ward to the fence with a push kick and the American returns fire with a strong pushkick of his own before taking a shot to the netherregions. Ward is given a moment to recover and he comes out with kicks to the leg of the Finn. The Finn returns with a right hand to the head of Ward, and an accompanying kick to the body. Ward throws a kick but it’s caught by Salovaara. The Finn raises his hands wideto taunt the American, but the American doesn’t change his pace or sense of urgency. Ward takes the clinch briefly and lands an uppercut, but upon their break he is chased down by Salovaara and tagged with a right hand. Ward recovers then rocks Salovaara with a return, sending him to the mat against the fence. Salovaara recovers and returns to his feet, absorbing knees from the clinch. Salovaara is no longer controlling the center of the cage, and the round ends with both fighters recovering.

Round 2  Ward opens the round with a push kick, head kick combination, but Salovaara takes the center and throws a kick to the body of his own. Ward strings together a left-right to the head and as Salovaara moves forward scores with a hard kick to the body. Ward checks a kick and lands his own, one to the inside, one to the outside of the leg. Salovaara lands with a spinning back kick, then Ward returns fire and pushes Salovaara to the cage. Salovaara pushes back and has Ward against the cage, but Ward ducks under his shots and escapes to the outside. The face of Salovaara is noticably reddened.  Ward goes over the top with a wild right hand and Salovaara grazes with a spinning back kick. As the two take the center Ward lands with lef kicks. Another wild punch over the top from Ward almost ends with his back on the mat, but his takedown defense saves him and he spins out. Ward with a jab, superman punch sombination, then a short right uppercut. Ward ducks under a right hand from Salovaara and closes the round with a right hand of his own.

Ward and Salovaara Battle
Ward Controls Salovaara on the Ground

Round 3: Ward takes the center early and finds a place for his right hand once more. He pursues Salovaara and falls prey to a takedown from the Finn. In the scramble Salovaara takes the back of Ward, but Ward calmly stands up and slides out the back door, avoiding the armbar. Ward circles away and takes the back of Salovaara in turn, pulling him to the mat and securing a body triangle. Ward is searching for the choke and finds it, briefly, but Salovaara defends and repositions the hands of Ward. Salovaara isn’t out of the woods yet, and Ward assures him of this by continuing to attempt to secure the choke. Ward attempts a neck crank, instead, but Salovaara is salty and holds on. Just as he looks ready to break, Wards arm slips and the battle resumes. Round 3 ends with Ward riding the back of Salovaara, searching in vain for a rear naked choke.

Your winner, by Unanimous Decision, Adam Ward.

Welterweight Cage Title Bout
Kai Puolakka, Finland vs. Glenn Sparv, Finland
Round 1 : Puolakka takes the center and opens up with a left, right, leg kick. Sparv moves forward, however, narrowly missing with kicks of his own. Puolakka lands an inside leg kick, and Sparv returns the favor to the outside of Puolakka’s thigh. Sparv presses Puolakka towards the cage and throws a jab-kick combo. It lands. Once more Sparv lands with the Jab-Kick before Puolakka shoots, securing a takedown on the opposite side of the cage. Puolakka works his way into half-guard, then Sparv manages to put Puolakka’s back to the fence before raising him for a slam. Sparv remains within the guard but lands an effective elbow. Puolakka fights to his feet, but Sparv takes his back and begins to pound the muscles of Puolakka’s leg with his knee. The round ends with Sparv grinding the face of Puolakka into the fence.

Round 2: A touch of gloves once more, and Puolakka blazes forward, punches falling short. Sparv maintains a high guard with his hands, wary of the periodic blitzes from Puolakka. Sparv peppers the lead leg with kicks, once more and defends the upstairs portion of head to body combination. Sparv appears reluctant to let his hands fly, but ducks under a right hook and pushes Puolakka to the fence before taking him once more to the mat. Puolakka struggles to his feet against the cage. Puolakka knees the thigh of Sparv but can’t reverse the position, and Sparv inches closer to controlling the back of Puolakka. Sparv briefly considers a suplex but aborts the procedure mid lift. Puolakka creates distance and blitzes forward but Sparv clinches, applies pressure, and takes him once more to the fence. Puolakka attempts to create distance but Sparv takes control of his hips before securing an underhook. Puolakka explodes and Sparv finds himself against the fence, but Puolakka is unable to utilize this position. The bell sounds and another round appears to be in the books for Sparv.

Round 3: At the start of the third stanza, the bearded Sparv once more finds himself pushing Puolakka to the fence and searching for a takedown. Sparv secures the leg of Puolakka briefly, but Puolakka balances well and defends. Puolakka throws punches to the body of Sparv, but they appear more out of frustration than actual offense. Puolakka briefly breaks free, attempting and failing to string together a combination before being driven to the fence once more. Puolakka secures a trip and Sparv finds his back on the mat in the center of the cage. The champion postures up in side control and lands solid punches to the skull of the contender. After Sparv forces Puolakka back into guard, Puolakka stands and attempts offense. When this fails Puolakka joins Sparv on the ground, where they finish the fight.

Your winner by Majority Decision and the new Cage Welterweight Champion, Glenn Sparv.

Sparv is the New Champ
Sparv is the New Champ