The next generation of Renyi fighters out of Umeå are getting ready to take their pro careers to the next level. talks to lightweight Fernando Flores (0-1) and featherweight Viktor Gustavsson (1-0) as they train hard with the more known names of the gym such as Tor Troeng and Andreas Ståhl. Check out the video interviews below.

Viktor Gustavsson

Gustavsson is a thai boxer from Skellefteå that has recently moved to Umeå to train at Renyi to take his fighting career to the next level. When younger he trained with Ståhl, and the 23 year old now looks to follow in his footsteps. “We are pushing each other” says the Swede that looks for a busy 2015.

Fernando Flores

Swedish MMA amateur winner at lightweight, Fernando Flores, is just starting his pro career. “When I was younger I was trouble maker” says the fighter that has gained the nickname “El Toro” for his likeness the raging Ferdinand the bull. The 70 kilo fighter lost his pro debut at the New Year’s Trophy MMA card. “I didn’t use my aggression” says the debuting fighter that hopes to get back in the cage soon.