Madadi set free until the verdict falls
Madadi set free until the verdict falls

Today the second session of Reza Madadis trial was held, it was shorter than the previous one and resulted in Reza being set free awaiting the verdict. The verdict will be delivered on Friday, August 16th at 11am. was on site, reporting.

Prosecutor Linda Lauronen laid down her closing arguments explaining what she thinks happens and her arguments for it.

According to her there are a lot of circumstances pointing toward that Madadi and the other suspects were at the crime scene, planned and executed the theft. She also thinks that Rezas story about why he was found at the auto repair shop where evidence was found after the burglary is thin and made up. She also points out that Madadis cell phone can be shown to have traveled from Stockholm city northbound at the time of the theft. The prosecutor accuses the defendants of making up a story once the evidence put towards were exhibited. The prosecutor says that a 2 year sentence would be in order considering the value of the stolen goods. She also notes that the need to detain Madadi awaiting judgement is not necessary.

Madadis defence attourney Ivan Fialdini presented his closing argument.

In the closing speech he points out that Reza can not be tied to the crime scene or the car that fled the scene and later was part in a high speed car pursiut, in form of DNA or fingerprints. He also makes a case that the eyewitness testimony given by the two police officers at yesterdays hearings could not have been accurate or certain enough to bear any significance. He further notes that the screen shots of a person that supposedly is Reza being seen outside of the auto repair shop are not clear enough to be able to prove with 100% accuracy that the man in the photos are indeed Reza Madadi. Madadis attorney claims that in the event of a conviction the sentence should be 1 year in prison at the most. The inability for Reza to continue his Mixed Martial Arts career should be taken into consideration as a mitigating circumstance.

The judge announces that the verdict will be delivered on Friday the 16th at 11am, and until the both Madadi and the other suspect will be set free until then.