A very exciting night of fights at Cage Fight Live. Below are results from the 7 fights and play-by-play.

Kenneth Rosfort-Nees
The Main Event Kenneth Rosfort-Nees and Fernando Paulon

Main Card

Main Event
FIGHT 7 – Fernando Paulon (Brazil) vs Kenneth Rosfort-Nees (DEN)
Lightweight Title Fight Contender Match – 70kg

Rosfort-Nees Celebrates His Crushing Performance
Early exchange doesn’t yet show us who will be dominant in striking. Rosfort and Paulon tie-up, and the Brazilian is pummeling for inside position. Paulon is wearing black tights underneath his camo-inspired shorts. After breaking from a clinch, the Danish fighter lands a big right hand dropping the Brazilian… and the local fighter swarms with precision, landing big straight right hands as he towers over the fallen fighter. It looks like the Brazilian is knocked out, then Rosfort wakes him up with each consecutive shot. After a few more powerful blows, the referee justly jumps in to stop the action. Impressive striking from standing that followed to the ground… daggers throughout.

KO round 1 for Kenneth Rosfort-Nees. As the referee announces the winner, the Brazilian seems very upset… yelling with his coach seemingly frustrated that the fight is somehow over. This must be a sign that he still doesn’t realize he was just KO’d about 3 times.

In the post fight interview, Rosfort-Nees says he was very nervous coming into the bout, but now he is very happy. They discuss his upcoming title shot. In true celebratory fashion, Rosfort says “”Now we shall drink a beer!”

Co-Main Event
FIGHT 6 – Damir “The Bosnian Bomber” Hadzovic (DEN) vs Andreas Ståhl (SWE)
Welterweight Bout – 77kg
1st round – Good kicks by Hadzovic that get the crowd cheering at the start of the bout. Ståhl takes the fight to the ground by finishing a single leg. The Danish fighter tries for a guillitine, but the Swede gets out without much threat. Ståhl imposes some ground and pound, and stays on top punishing with punches throughout. Strong round for the undefeated Swede. Hadzovic does get half-guard, but the Swede just spins from one dominant position to another, picking his poison of damage. Ståhl wins round 1.

The Swede Celebrates

2nd round – Hadzovic seems to be trying to catch his breath after spending much of the first underneath Ståhl. After some back-and-forth exchanges to start of the round, the Swede again gets the fight to the ground and controls from side mount. Punishment from the top continues with elbows to the face and body. Ståhl wins round 2. Ståhl takes the mount momentarily and looks like he was going to pound it out for a finish, but Hadzovic wiggles out.

3rd round – A clinch to start the third round, and again the fight goes to the ground with Ståhl in control. Stahl is in total control of this bout. The “bomber” really hasn’t had a chance in this one, being smothered by the Swede. If there would be one “Jon Fitch” moment it is now in the middle of the third round, as Ståhl says on top without much else happening. Wow, out of nowhere, Ståhl goes from dominant ground and pound to a suplex to bring the fight back to the ground.

Unanimous decision for Andreas Ståhl. After the fight, the interviewer teases a title bout on an upcoming Cage Fight Live card. Ståhl seems happy with the performance, and his visit to Denmark.

FIGHT 5 – Mikkel Parlo (DEN) vs Gregor Herb (Germany)
Middleweight Bout – 84kg

Victorious Parlo Forced to Defend Takedowns

1st round – Two big middleweights here.  Herb goes for a take-down early, but Parlo defends nicely.  Of the two, it seems that Parlo seems the most comfortable striking, with Herb’s instincts looking to get the fight to the ground.  Herb briefly does get the fight to the ground and takes Parlo’s back, but the Danish fighter is able to escape without any real threat of a submission.  Herb gets Parlo’s back again after a failed takedown turns into a little scramble.  Close round, but if based on damage, you got to give it to Parlo.

2nd round – Again Herb looking for any way to get the fight to the ground.  Parlo wary of the take-down doesn’t seem to be his usually aggressive self.  Does land a solid left that startles the German fighter.  Parlo introducing kicks to his arsenal, but still seems focused on defending the take-downs which keep coming.  Herb’s takedowns seem more like a freestyle wrestler, shooting and trying to finish low singles.  2nd round for Parlo.

3rd round – Parlo seems to be stalking his opponent, as he doesn’t take any steps forward.  The lead left has power, and he mixes it up with a low right-kick nicely.  Herb again tries to score with a take-down, but his Parlo’s grappling game seems solid.  Some good blows for the Danish fighter. Herb finally finishes one of his shots, but is swept by the game Danish fighter.  Should be a unanimous decision for Parlo.

Parlo wins by unanimous decision.  In the post-fight interview, Parlo acknowledged that he wasn’t happy with his performance, and he was tense.  He comments about the awkwardness of his opponent. 

FIGHT 4 –Nicolas “Sharpshooter” Dalby (DEN) vs Glenn Sparv (FIN)
Welterweight Bout – 77kg

1st round – Good exchanges of strikes to start off the bout.  Sparv gets tagged af few times, and shows a solid chin.  The Finnish fighter takes the fight to the ground.  As Dalby gets up, Sparv goes for an unsuccessful guillotine, dropping to his own back. Dalby decides to bring the fight to the feet, where he then lands some nice shots and goes for a flying knee at the end of the round.  Close round.

2nd round – the tide seems to be turning for the crisper striker in Dalby.  As Dalby controls against the cage, Sparv drops and goes for a kimura, but without success.  Dalby on top for the rest of the round makes him pay with elbows from the top.  Dalby wins the second round.  Third round should decide the bout.

3rd round – Starts in Dalby’s favor.  Good strikes knock Sparv’s mouthpiece out, which halts the action.  Dalby’s starting to show his superiority and puts on a clinic of we’ll rounded kicks and punches…. Sparv is startled, but stays in the pocket.  Dalby with a sharp lead left that gets the crowd excited.  Mouthpiece out again, which had the crowd booing in disappointment.  Sparv ends up on top at the end of the bout, but due to a slip after a kick by Dalby.  This is Dalby’s fight, which the judges should agree with shortly.

Dalby wins by unanimous decision. In his post-fight comments, Dalby says his performance was not as good as it should have been, and gives props to his opponent.  He says he wasn’t even getting tired, and his strategy was to start a little slower than usual, then push the pace as the fight went on.

FIGHT 3 – Robert Radomski (Poland) vs Frodi Hansen (DEN)
Welterweight Bout – 77kg

Radomski wins with 2nd round submission. First round was a good round for Hansen, controlling once it got to the ground. The second round was different with Radomski showing his physical dominance with taking the fight to the ground.  Hansen was able to get on top in the second round with the fight on the ground, but the Polish fighter began threatening with submissions before transitioning to a slick armbar in the second round forcing a stop to the bout. A “very hard fight” says the victorious Radomski after he steps out of the cage.

Preliminary Fights

FIGHT 2 – Nico Møller (DEN) vs Emil Weber Meek (NOR)
Middleweight Bout – 84kg

1st Round – These undefeated fighters came to fight, throwing punches with bad intentions to start the bout. The exchange leads Møller to slam Meek to the ground, and “Nico” chants begin. Meek looking for a kimura from the bottom and scoots to get off the bottom. Most of the action is from within the guard, then Meek finds his way to a nice sweep and is close on an armbar, but somehow the Danish fighter scrambles out. Good action on the feet, and the Norwegian gets the fight to the ground again temporarily. BIG knee by Meek. These two look tired from all the action as the horn blows to end the round. Both smile.

2nd Round – After missing with a combination, Møller fires a nice double-leg takedown bringing the fight to the ground. The Danish fighter stays in control for the next couple of minutes, keeping control of the fight. I could see the third as the deciding round, as the first was most likely the Norwegians, with the local controlling round 2.

3rd Round – Starts out with a session of trading punches and kicks. Whoever imposes their will here should walk away the victor. Left by Meek lands early. Both fighters seem a bit tired by the bout, but pushing forward seeking to land damaging blows… but nothing too significant landing so far. It’s anyones round here, as Meek goes for a superman punch that misses. Møller gets a takedown, but Meek latches on to a kimura and rolls over the local fighter… then Meek pressing the fight late in the third round with aggressive striking, showing a killer instinct as he was throwing haymakers until the final bell. This flurry may have stolen the round.

Emil Weber Meek wins with a decision.

Great fight! After the bout, the Norwegian went on to say in the post fight interview about Møller “He’s the toughest guy I’ve fought in my life.” He also went on to thank Hellboy for the training.

FIGHT 1 – Søren Bak (DEN) vs Kenneth Høgh (DEN)
Welterweight Bout – 77kg

1st Round – The two novice fighters start off the night with some looping blows. Bak keeping his head and chin up high, which could be trouble. Hogh shows a nice left hook and high-kicks… but Bak is moving forward, pressing the action. Bak gets the fight to the ground with a nice double-leg takedown. He works from on-top, improving his position to a full mount, which transitions to a body triangle and then a RNC.

1st round RNC submission by Søren Bak.

MMA Viking would like to thank Thomas Christensen for his help with translating the post-fight comments from Danish to English.

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