Last night was Denmarks’s popular Fightergalla show, which had 5 amateur bouts, 5 pro bouts, and a title fight.  Nicolas Dalby continued his successful run, and won the welterweight championship bout over Christian Brinzan in the main event.  Top Danish fighter Kenneth Rosfort-Nees also got back on track with a decision win over Hyram Rodriguez.  Below are results from the, who reported live from last night’s event live.  Be sure to visit Denmark’s for more pictures and interviews.

Amateur MMA
-71 kg: Peter Palmgren vs. Axel Apergis
Winner: Axel Apergis (Submission R1: Rear Naked Choke)

-70 kg: Skjalg G Oppedal vs. Lasse Walther
Winner: Lasse Walther (Submission R1: standing guillotine choke)

-74 kg: Kim Rytter vs. Thomas Poulsen
Winner: Kim Rytter (Decision 2-1)

-88 kg: Dan Ruben Hagen vs. Jesper Ryom

-81 kg: Daniel Bergström vs. Thomas Jessing

-71 kg: Mathias Lodahl vs. Charles Nilson
Winner: Mathias Lodahl (Decision 3-0)

-72 kg: Erik Friberg vs. Mads Burnell
Winner: Erik Friberg (Submission R2: Triangle Choke)

Professional MMA
-70 kg: Allan Neuherr vs. Cazim Halimi
Winner: Cazim Halimi (Submission R1: Armbar)

-77 kg: Mohammad Abdallah vs. Emil Weber Meek
Winner: Mohammed Abdallah (TKO R1)

84 kg: Aron J. Bland vs. Philip Fortuna
Winner: Philip Fortuna (Rear Naked Choke R1)

-70 kg: Hyram Rodriguez vs. Kenneth Rosfort-Nees
Winner: Kenneth Rosfort-Nees (Decision)

-115 kg: Rok Kokotec vs. Christian Colombo
Winner: Christian Colombo (TKO R1)

Pro MMA Welterweight Championship Fight
-77 kg: Christian Brinzan vs. Nicolas Dalby
Winner: Nicolas Dalby (Sidechoke R2)


Note : Ekstra Bladet’s website ( who was responsible for streaming the fights say that they had so many issues that they will show the fights later for free.