Up and coming Finnish prospect Juho Valamaa will miss his scheduled April bout at the Karkkila Fight Night, and everything else for the next six months. The Finnfighters’ Gym athlete from Turku had an accident while training and he dislocated his collarbone badly.

Tough Injury for the Top Prospect Coming Off of Recent Win | Photo by Jani Mesikämmen

Valamaa was on a good streak and he took an impressive win over Jussi Pulkkinen at the recent Cage 18 event. Now he’s bound to have a surgery to relocate the bone and fix the torn ligaments.

I’m waiting for more examinations, but the doctor already said that surgery is the only option. It’s a tough break, right now I can only hope that the hand will fully recover with time, Valamaa told a couple of days after the accident.

The talented grappler won the Shooto amateur European title last year. Valamaa has a 2-1-0 record after turning pro in late 2011.


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