MMA legend Mikko Rupponen (20 wins & 5 losses) won in a 15 minute grinding battle versus the much younger Mazvydas Pieza at Helsinki Fight Night Saturday night.  “This is a young man’s game” jokes the pioneer as he talks to shortly after his second bout in his return to action after over three years away from the sport.  “My serious competition career is over” admits the Espoon Kehahait fighter that is at peace saying “I’m not expecting to fight in the UFC”.

Now over 30, the Finn reveals a recently broken nose and an bad hip that hindered him in this bout.  “I’m constantly injured” says the good humored Rupponen who is in a new phase in his career after stepping away and just doing construction.  “Training and competing makes me so happy” comments the Finn that is now focused on fighting opponents at his “level”. Check out the full interview here :

Full picture gallery of Rupponen versus Pieza