Swede Moraad Moreno (3-1) will face Lithuanian Raimundas Krilavičius (5-2-1) in Superior Challenge’s return to Fryshuset Arena that hosted their very first events starting in 2008.  “I think it will be fun to come back to Fryshuset. I saw my first Superior events there and thought they were very well arranged. Another fun thing is that I went to high school there so Fryshuset has a great significance, and it will be incredibly fun to step into the cage and show what I stand for in these premises.” says the welterweight to MMA Viking about the Superior Challenge 23 fight.

“I think is a good & tough match. I have always liked to challenge myself and here I will meet an opponent who comes from 2 straight wins against good opponents and is a judo specialist, so I am really looking forward to this meeting.” says the striker that is also on a two fight winning streak after winning a close matchup at Superior Challenge 22 against Finn Niko Skonbäck in May.

The Pancrase fighter has had to stay flexible with his training in the pandemic, which will still restrict the audience in attendance this Saturday. “My training before the fight has been good. As always, I train hard and have been to a few different clubs and run to get a good change in training.  Nothing has changed in my training but I have continued to do what I always do in my training to push myself to the max & to always seek development in my training.”

Moraad has fought on Superior Challenge 19, 20, 21, and 22, and has become a known face with all his pro bouts in the Superior cage.  He comments on the possibility of a title shot.  “They absolutely can be. I am open to the opportunities that await me in the future and will be ready for them.”