Swede Nico Musoke (12 wins, 2 losses, 1 N/C) takes his undefeated UFC record into the Octagon Saturday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas for a high profile bout against Kelvin Gastelum (9 wins, 0 losses).

Kelvin Gastelum and Nicholas Musoke
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The number 3 ranked Nordic fighter in the welterweight dividsion, Musoke is in his first co-headlining bout and debut in the USA.

Live Play-by-Play and Results

Nico Musoke is the first to enter the Octagon. He is wearing a Norra Botkyrka shirt, representing wear he grew up. Gastelum, who did not make weight, looks replenished and energized as he sprints into the cage. Reach of 75″ compared to 71.5″ in this bout. Bruce Buffer announces the fighters, and Musoke is shown as the +330 fighter against the local fighter from Yuma, Arizona.

Round 1
There is no touch of the gloves in this one, and the two come out swinging. Musoke in the traditional stance with Gastelum the southpaw. Big right hand from Musoke and he presses the TUF winner against the cage. Gastelum is able to spin around Musoke as they both fighter for position against the cage. Musoke fights for double underhooks, which he gets along the cage… and Musoke gets it to the ground, and he does, but the American spins out and both are free. Huge slam by Musoke and he takes Gastelum’s back. Three minutes into the bout, and Musoke looks relaxed as he searches for an opening to sink in a rear naked choke. Gastelum fights the hands and stays relaxed as he lies back on Musoke, and the American reverses the position with just under 20 seconds.

MMAViking.com Scorecard – 10-9 for Musoke

Round 2
Musoke ready for round 2, and he lands a good left hand early as Gastelum presses the action. Gastelum puts together a nice combination and he is looking for a big shot as he lands on Musoke, and the two start swinging. The American is getting his rythm in the first minute. Musoke uses his left jab to keep distance, and Gastelum lands a good left kick. Musoke’s hands are lower, but still looking to counter strike the shorter fighter. Good left hand from the TUF winner, and he moves in stalking the Swede.

Three minutes in, and it is Musoke trying his best to counter Gastelum as he moves forward and continues to land. Musoke uses a nice left jab to keep Gastelum at distance and use his reach. Left kick to the body and then head for Gastelum that is picking up the pace.

MMAViking.com Scorecard – 10-9 for Gastelum

Round 3
Musoke moves in to start the third round and gets a body lock on Gastelum along the cage. Looking for another take-down one minute into the bout, but Gastelum battles against the cage and he is out. Gastelum again presses forward like round two, and he seems to be the fresher of the fighters. A big left hand misses, and a high left kick lands. Musoke moves in and has a body lock against the cage, but the American swings him around to get inside position. Just over 2 minutes let, and a good right elbow from Gastelum. Good body kick from Gastelum after missing on punches. Musoke tries to move forward with punches against Gastelum, but the quicker opponent is the one to move his head and look for angles in the counter. Dirty boxing against the cage. Two left high kicks from Gastelum that are partially blacked, and Musoke looking for kicks of his own.

MMAViking.com Scorecard – 10-9 for Gastelum

Gastelum celebrates after the bell rings. Both fighters look tired, and Musoke is catching his breath as coach Max Philipson helps him put on his shirt.

Official Scorecard – 29-28 for Gastelum on all three scorecards