Finland’s top flyweight Mikael “Hulk” Silander (9-3) really wanted to win at Battle of Porvoo 4 as he had lost both previous bouts this year. On 30th of November in Porvoo Silander battled Frenchman Salah Elkas  (3-3).  MMA Viking talked to the Finn who took a dominant decision win after three rounds of fighting.

Mikael "Hulk" Silander returned to win column at BOP 4
Mikael “Hulk” Silander returned to win column at BOP 4

“In the first round I took him down straight away, got into half guard and locked his head to a guillotine choke. I was sure I’d get the tap but Elkas hang on tight so I let go and continued with Ground and Pound for the remaining of the round. Second round started the same way with me taking him down. I then worked for guillotine choke from top, switched to Darce choke and then Anaconda choke. In the third round I put some pressure on his on the feet and then dirty boxed him in the clinch.”  explained Silander.

Silander’s next fight will be at Cage 25 on the 15th of February.

“Now that I got a win after a not so perfect year, it’s easier for me to get ready for the upcoming Cage fight. Self confidence is now back at the right level. Plan for next year is to train hard and win fights. ” summarized the Finn.

Another fighter looking for a win in Porvoo was Russian born but Porvoo based Rasul Khataev (4-2) who had lost his two previous bouts after starting his pro career with three straight wins. Khataev’s hard hitting style was displayed again in Porvoo as he slammed heavy low kicks to Latvian Vjaceslav Beljaev’s legs before taking him down. After few scrambles Khataev managed to catch Beljaev’s head in a tight guillotine that forced the Latvian to tap out in the end of round one.