Dear UFC, as amazing as you are, you are taking away all my opponents. Taking them one by one even after they have signed a bout agreement with me. I have sometimes already had an entire camp towards a fight, and then you come and swoop those opponents to your magic carpet ride, leaving me barefoot on the rocks…walking towards the dream you could so easily also give to me. I admit that I have had my ups and downs when it comes to my record, but if you see my record you will notice that there is genuine value in my fights. You can find no build ups in my past.

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The Entertaining “Rock Chick” Has Won 6 of 8 Last Fights, Including 2 Straight by Submission

I think that the next step for me would be to have that magic carpet ride too.

I think I deserve it at this point. I think that I would be a great addition to the UFC flyweight division.

Even when it comes to entertainment. You can burn my colorful hair, make me sing while I fight and even throw acid at my eyes, but I would still do my best without complaining.

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It has been what feels like a long road for me from amateur to a 15 fight pro career. I have given this sport everything I have, which I think is the only way to try and reach your goals, dreams…

I would like to give more but I need a chance to do just that and I need the UFC to be the one to give me that.

The 32-year-old Fighter Out of Porin Kamppailu-urheilukeskus Ready for UFC

When the end comes, and the end does come for everyone, the most value can be found at the things you tried to achieve the hardest even if you never reached them. Did you make yourself happy? Do you have memories and adventures where you didn`t know where you ended up until you did end up somewhere? Did you take a normal carpet and imagined it could fly and even felt the wind in your hair when you closed your eyes? That`s what we do, cause we are eternal children.

We keep on imagining, right till the end, that everything is possible.