All fighters hit their marks for Sunday’s The Zone FC “Demolition” card in Gothenburg. While Swede’s Sirwan Kakai and Mats Nilsson were the last to make it official, no fighters were in any danger of not making weight. See exclusive photos and video below:

Sirwan Kakai
Sirwan Kakai Happy to Make Weight and Fight After Year Layoff


Sirwan Kakai and Assan Njie come into weigh-ins for their title bouts against Claudemir “Tico” Souza and Denmark’s Morten Djursaa.


Assan Njie, GBG MMA Versus Morten Djursaa, Fight Gym Odense at 77,1 kg
Martin Svensson, Frontier MMA Versus James Saville, Caged Steel (UK) at 65,8 kg
Sirwan Kakai
Sirwan Kakai, GBG MMA Versus Claudemir Sousa, Icon BJJ at 61,2 kg
Eddy Bengtsson Gladius MMA Versus Vasili Kachan at 120,2 kg
Mats Nilsson, Kaisho MMA Versus Tor Troéng, RenYi FightCamp at 83,9 kg
Jonathan Svensson, VBC
Kristoffer Källgren, Escalate MMA Versus Jonathan Svensson, VBC at 70.3 KG
Rami Aziz, GBG MMA VS Frantz Slioa, Hilti Stockholm at -65,8 kg
Per Franklin, Gladius Versus Fernando Gonzalez, Hilti Stockholm at 77,1 kg

Magnus Strandner, GBG MMA Versus Johan Jorup, Linköping KC at 93,0 kg

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