Cage Challengers took place in Riihimäki, Finland on the 3rd of December. Main event of the night was a lightweight bout between Finland’s Janne Tulirinta and Sweden’s Claes Beverlöv.  Classic Finland versus Sweden setting proved to work once again as Tulirinta and Beverlöv put on an exciting slug fest.

While Beverlöv threw down with more power and effort, Tulirinta got the better of striking exchanges with crisp technique and better accuracy. Tulirinta’s stiff jab landed numerous times with visible effects on Beverlöv’s face. In the third round Tulirinta hurt Beverlöv with a crushing liver shot but the gutsy Swede hanged on and refused to give up. In the end judges awarded Tulirinta with a clear cut unanimous decision.

Round 1 of Beverlöv Versus Tulirinta

Round 2 of Beverlöv Versus Tulirinta

Round 3 of Beverlöv Versus Tulirinta

In the co-main event FinnFighters Gym’s excellent grappler Juha Saarinen showed was once again that, when he is healthy and on his A game, he’s a dangerous fight for anyone in the European light heavyweight division. Saarinen, who hails from a wrestling background, took the fight to the ground with a beautiful trip takedown.  From the top control Saarinen begun to deliver shattering Ground and Pound that forced France’s Frederic Lefevre to tap out with just three minutes into the bout.

In the heavyweight bout GB Gyms Antti Kästämä choked out MMA Lappeenranta’s Kalle Da Silva with an rear naked choked in under two minutes.

GB Gym’s super promising Musa Amagov continued his string of impressive and brutal victories. Amagov’s opponent Teo Viitala never got the chance to use his excellent grappling skills as Amagov instantly lit him up on the feet. Amagov’s explosive head kick connected at just 54 seconds into the bout and that’s was the end of it. It will be interesting to see who is willing to fight Amagov next.

Beforehand the featherweight bout between Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas and Jaakko Väyrynen was expected to be a grappling fest between two excellent grapplers. The fight however took place mostly on the feet where Hirvikangas had better striking and got him the decision win.

Full results

Janne Tulirinta vs Claes Beverlöv: Tulirinta by UD

Juha Saarinen vs Frederic Lefevre: Saarinen by submission strikes R1

Kalle Da Silva vs Antti Kästämä: Kästämä by rear naked choke R1

Musa Amagov vs Teo Viitala: Amagoz by KO R1

Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas vs Jaakko Väyrynen: Hirvikangas by UD

Teemu Koskinen vs Mikko Vaittinen: Koskinen by armbar R1

Samuel Nordlund vs Hannu Suhonen: Nordlund by UD

Matias Rantala vs Henri Lintula: Rantala by armbar R2

Jani Salmi vs Niko Myllynen: Salmi by UD

Olli Santalahti vs Patrik Kapanen: Kapanen by SD

Mohammed Marivani vs Janne Kuusela: Marivani by UD

Daniel Winiarczyk vs Jani Sandberg: Winiarczyk by UD