The Makwan Amirkhani (12-2) show is back in full force. At media day in London, Mr. Finland yells out to opponent Mike Wilkinson (9-1) across the room. “I think you are scared.”


“Spend these two days with your family because the end is coming” says the featherweight to “I’m going to make him cry in front of his family.”

The Finland based fighter also talks about his departure from Stockholm’s Allstars Training Center. “Tears came to my eyes when I left there. I have my family over there, too. I got so many message from those guys saying good luck for my fight, and I know they miss me and I feel the same way.”

“The referee will wake him up.” – Amirkhani

Watch the full video with Makwan, as he predicts McGregor and Diaz, makes a fight prediction, and tries to get Wilkinson’s attention across the room.