Andreas Ståhl had won 9 fights in a row until his Octagon debut last July leaving him with a broken jaw,  The Renyi Fighter from Skellefteå kept battling against undefeated BJJ world champion Gilbert Burns for over two after the first round injury, showing the true fight in this viking.

Ståhl Training Hard for Next Bout

“I heard my face moving in” says Ståhl about the impact of a guillotine applied in the second round.  Titanium now is what holds Real Steel’s face together.  The Swede is not deterred, and he is aiming for a April fight as he discusses his future with from his home gym in Umeå.

Ståhl is training hard with recently retired Tor Troeng.  Here is most memorable moment from the Hammer, too.  Check out the video here.

Video Interview