Anna Elmose (3-2) is retiring from MMA. The Rumble Sports fighter that became the first Danish woman to compete in the Octagon was known for her devastating power, and even dropped weight classes from 135 lbs to 115 lbs between her two UFC fights. Her last bout was a solid performance versus Amanda Bobby Cooper, where “Panda” landed huge punches early. As, Elmose took to social media to announce the decision, she also provided with insights into her decision.

Panda Retires from MMA
Panda Retires from MMA

Interview with Anna

So, are you really retiring? Why?
My journey as a fighter has been short and intense. It was a culmination of a lifetime of unleashed negative feelings. I see now that I used fighting as a way of getting it all out. I got it all out, now! I don’t feel the need anymore and I can’t fight on 60 %. I wanna do something else, instead.

You looked to be in phenomenal shape and had a great first round in Belfast. How did you feel out there in your new weight class in the Octagon?
I felt greater and stronger than ever! My mindset was just not with me. I don’t care for it anymore, it seems. Look at my facial expression during the fight: I look bored. There was no intensity, aggressivity or need to do damage. But my shape was perfect.

If you would have won the fight, would you still be retiring?
Yes. It wouldn’t have changed the fact that I wasn’t excited about fighting. At the end of the day, I fight for my own sake, and if I don’t get excited about fighting in the UFC, I’d better find something else to do.

You were smiling after the bout, but it seemed clear that you lost 2-1 by decision. What was going through your head?


I was smiling, because I knew I lost the fight, because I paid the price of a happy life. You can say, that I lost the fight, but I’ve won in life. I am a new, well-balanced person. Martial arts and love from my husband helped me to become the truly happy version of me. If a loss in a competition is what I have to pay for that, what’s not to smile about?

What do you plan to do now?
To continue my life as it is. Working to become a greater real estate agent. Make some mini pandas. Maybe get back to horseback riding, who knows.

Looking back at your career, do you have any one favorite memory you will take with you?


My pro debut at Cage Warriors. That was simply just the perfect trip and fight. I felt untouchable that night.

Will we see you rolling with some of the other girls that remain in the sport?
Maybe in time.

In addition to being a great fighter, nice person, and entertaining interview, Elmose also won’s Woman Fighter of the Year in 2015.