As reported by, Bielkheden has filed a complaint over the split decision at Superior Challenge 6. The controversial split decision loss with Brazil’s Daniel Acacio for the welterweight title surprised the crowd at Hovet in Stockholm. It seemed clear that Acacio won round 1, while Bielkheden controlled round 2, and then taking a dominant (possible 10-8) round 3. With a point-deduction against Bielkheden at the end of round 1, it seems the likely decision would be a draw, or victory for the “Brazilian Swede”, however two judges saw the fight for Acacio, while the third judge saw it for Bielkheden. More on this story as it develops.

UPDATE (November 7, 2010)

The filed complaint was reviewed by the Swedish MMA Federation.  Two aspects were reviewed, including Bielkheden’s 1-point deduction for the upkick, and a review of the scorecards to see if there was an “error” –the scored rounds cannot be reviewed again for any possible judgement error, but possible mistake in the score card reporting.  The decision posted on the SMMAF federation reported that no errors occurred in the event, and the decision stands as a win for Acacio, who will retain the Superior Challenge title.