MMA Viking reporting Cage 21 fights LIVE from the Logomo event center in Turku, Finland. Here is our play-by-play coverage with quick results updated straight from the arena. Hit refresh to get the latest entries.


Logomo is starting to get packed. Flyweight action kickstarts the fight night.
Logomo is starting to get packed. Flyweight action kickstarts the fight night.

Flyweight: Harri Määttä vs. Gino Singh

R1: Here we go! Feeling out period going on. Both look a bit nervous on the feet. Määttä connects with a right hand. Määttä rushes forward but misses. The Finn takes Singh down but the Swede pops right back up. Singh connects with a huge spinning back kick. Crowd goes “uuuuh” but Määttä is unfazed. Singh connects with a solid 1-2 as Määttä steps in. Singh with a take down but Määttä wallwalks back to feet right away. Määttä scores a trip takedown and follows up with Ground and Pound. Flying knee misses for Määttä and Singh swings air with a spinning back fist. Exciting first round!

R2: Singh scores a trip takedown. Määttä reverses but Singh sweeps immediately and gets on top. Määttä working on a sweep of his own, it’s close but the Swede stays on top. Määttä works his way up and throws a right hand that connects. Singh running around the cage with Määttä chasing him down with punches. Clinch fighting against the cage. The Swede is tired and Määttä bombs him with a right hand. Määttä trips Singh down and advances to mount. Singh tries to throw Määttä off him but the Finn maintains control and switches to an armbar. It looks tight but Singh doesn’t tap. Bell rings and the fight is over. Great start to the night!

Winner: Harri Määttä by unanimous decision

Featherweight: Mika Hämäläinen vs.Vitaliy Lut 

R1: Hämäläinen shoots in, picks Lut up and slams him hard on the ground. Hämäläinen goes for an armbar, Lut defends. The Finn spins for a heel hook and it looks tight. Ukranian grins but doesnt tap. Hämäläinen again with a armbar but no luck. Fighters back on the feet for a second. Hämäläinen shoots and takes the fight to the ground. Lut tries to get up but the Finn spins quickly to his back and sinks in rear naked choke. Ukranian tries to defend but it’s all over.

Winner: Mika Hämäläinen by rear naked choke R1

Lightweight: Mikael Nyyssönen  vs. Niko Myllynen

R1: Myllynen connects first with a right hand. Clinch fighting against the cage. Both fighting for underhooks. Myllynen trips Nyyssönen to the ground. Myllynen falls back for a leg locks, Nyyssönen defends. Legwar on the ground with both going for heel hooks. Fighters work their way back to the feet. More tiring clinch work against the cage. Nyyssönen shoots to the legs, turns the corner and gets a takedown but Myllynen pops back up. Again in the clinch with knee strikes from both guys. Nyyssönen bombs Myllynen twice with straight rights. Myllynen connects with a knee strike as the round ends.

R2: Fighters trading punches in the middle of the cage. Nyyssönen presses Myllynen against the cage. Nyyssönen slams knee to Myllynen’s body. Nyyssönen throws a front kick to Myllynen’s face. Battle continues in the clinch. Myllynen with a low kick, Nyyssönen shoots and takes him down. Nyyssönen raining down elbows to the body from side mount. Nyyssönen goes for a triangle but Myllynen defends and get back to the feet. Now Myllynen takes Nyyssönen’s back. Nyyssönen gets free and scores another takedown. More body punches from Nyyssönen.

Winner: Mikael Nyyssönen by uanimous decision

Featherweight: Jaakko Väyrynen vs. Simon Sköld

R1: Short break is over and here we go again. Sköld opens up with two leg kicks. Väyrynen presses the Swede against the fence and trips him down. Väyrynen throws leather from Sköld’s guard. Väyrynen connects with a right hand from top and drops back for a heel hook. The lock looks tight but the Swede defends. Väyrynen adjusts and cranks the leg again. The Swede yells from pain and the fight is over.

Winner: Jaakko Väyrynen by heelhook R1

Welterweight: Tuomo Peltoniemi vs. Jussi Halonen

R1: Turku’s own Peltoniemi returns to the cage after a ten year  break! Halonen, who fights from unorthodox stance, connects with a lead hook. Peltoniemi’s head slams into Halonen’s shoulder who winches in pain. The ref calls time out and check the arm. Halonen wants to continue but it looks like he is injured. Halonen fights with big heart and presses Peltoniemi against the fence. Halonen attacks with a high kick but misses. Halonen, who is basically fighting with one arm, connects with a low kick. Peltoniemi throws few kicks of his own. Halonen punishes Peltonieme’s body with hard shots from the clinch.

R2: Halonen jabs and kicks with his back hand out of business. Peltoniemi connects with a 1-2. Halonen ducks under Peltonieme’s punches and presses him against the wall. Halonen controls the clinch and attacks with short punches and knees. Peltoniemi goes for a takedown, Halonen snatches his head to a guillotine and squeezes hard. Experienced Peltoniemi waits calmly, defends and eventually pops his head out. Peltoniemi throws few punches but looks a bit tired on the top. On the bottom Halonen grunts in pain and his corner throws the towel. Ref calls it off.

Winner: Peltoniemi by TKO injury R2

Lightweight: Jani Salmi vs. Kennet Mattsson:

R1: Salmi attacks right away with punches. Salmi has double under hooks and throws Mattsson to the ground landing in half guard. Mattson working on rubber guard all the time. Mattsson wraps Salmi to a perfect triangle and squeezes hard. Salmi hangs on and powers out of the choke. Salmi throws a hard right hand from the top. Mattsson with rubber guard again and spins for omoplata. Mattsson works for a takedown, Salmi defends. Mattsson hangs on Salmi’s leg but no luck getting a takedown. Salmi in Mattsson guard again throwing hammer fists.

R2: Mattsson shoots for a takedown. Salmi sprawls and snatches his head in a guillotine. After a brief scramble we’re back in familiar situation: Salmi in Mattsson’s guard. Mattsson goes for triangles and an armbar that looks tight but Salmi gets out of it. Mattsson with a omoplata, Salmi stand out of it. Salmi drops down and straight into triangle choke. Again it looks tight but Salmi doesn’t care about it and pulls his head out. Both guys are tired. Salmi shoots and scores a takedown. Mattsson working rubber guard again. Salmi answers with hammer fists.

Winner: Kennet Mattsson by unanimous decision

Welterweight: Juho Valamaa vs Martin Ngongo

R1: Valamaa presses forward, Ngongo meets him with punches and knees. Valamaa takes Ngongo down from the clinch. Valamaa throws leather from top position. The Finn moves to sidemount. Ngongo tries to get up but Valamaa spins to his back, sinks the choke in and cranks hard. Ngongo taps out!

Winner: Juho Valamaa by rear naked choke R1.

Featherweight: Makwan Amirkhani vs Tom Duquesnoy

R1: Amirkhani shoots right away and takes Fire Kid down. Duquesnoy snatches Amirkhani’s head to a guillotine but the strong Finn  pops his head out. Young frenchman shows high quality ground skills and hits a sweep. Amirkhani works his way up and snatches Duquesnoy to a front head lock. Amirkhani changes the grip to Brabo choke, rolls to his side, squeezes hard and the Fire kid goes to sleep as the ref pulls Amirkhani away. Amirkhani celebrates his win by jumping over the cage fence and running to the hometown crowd.

Winner: Makwan Amirkhani by brabo choke R1

Welterweight: Kai Puolakka vs. Evgeni Fomenko

R1: Puolakka pushes through with a power double and tackles Fomenko to the ground. The Finn goes for a triangle but Fomenko defends. Puolakka with omoplata, Fomenko slams out of it. Puolakka connects with a right hand. Puolakka scores another power double. Fomenko tries apply a guillotine choke but doesn’t have a control of Puolakka’s body. Puolakka runs a hard knee to Fomenko’s body. Fomenko fights for a takedown, Puolakka shuts it down.

R2: Fomenko lands a hard inside low kick. Fomenko pushes for clinch, Puolakka welcomes him with a knee to the body. Fomenko with a body kick. Puolakka answers with another knee to the body. Fomenko turtles, Puolakka slams a knee to the side of his body. Body punches from Puolakka. Puolakka wraps Fomenko to a triangle choke. Fomenko hangs on but Puolakka smashes his face with elbows and Ukranian has to tap out.

Winner: Kai Puolakka by triangle choke R2

Bantamweight: Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas vs. Evgeniy Odnorog

R1: And the main event of the evening is under way! Odnorog looks fast on the feet with punches and kicks. Hirvikangas keeps his guard up and seems unfazed. Odnorog shoots and takes Hirvikangas down which is probably not the best idea. Hirvikangas doesn’t mess around for long on the ground as he spins to Odnorog’s leg and immediately locks a tight knee bar. Odnorog tries to get out of it but the leg is bend like a banana and the Ukranian taps out. Hirvikangas wins in 50 seconds.

Winner: Tipi Hirvikangas by kneebar R1