Akira Corassani (12-3-0) will look for his fourth straight Octagon victory against Dustin Poirier (15-3-0). The Swede, now living in New York, will face the Louisana native Poirier at The Ultimate Fighter – Nations finale, which takes place today in Quebec City.

Corassani Returns to Action this April
Corassani Returns to Action this April

Akira has racked up 3 wins inside the octagon, although the latest bout didn’t go as planned, his opponent got disqualified for kneeing the head of a grounded opponent. However, he really stepped up into competition when he accepted the fight against Poirier, who is ranked #6 in the UFC’s featherweight division. A great opportunity for the unranked Swede who isn’t bothered by being a underdog. “To be somebody, you got to beat somebody, those other fights were kind of just another fight. When there’s an element of danger, when there’s more at stake, I perform better, I thrive under those circumstances.” says Corassani.


Round 1
Dustin Poirier takes the center an Corassani throws a combo from the outside. Poirier lands a right hand and Corassani lands with a left. Poirier lands a left hook, followed by a right uppercut, but is pushed to the fence.

Poirier wins round 1.

Round 2
Poirier lands nice combination , a right up stairs and a kick to the body. He drills Corassani with a left hook-right uppercut combo. Corassani is hurt. Poirier with more punches, and it’s all over.

Dustin Poirier is the winner by TKO at 42 seconds of Round 2.


Akira Corassani’s 3-fight winning streak is now shattered, as is his nose, which he recently underwent surgery upon to repair the destruction wrought on it in his previous bout with Maximo Blanco, a bout which ended with Corassani winning a Disqualification victory.

Akira Corassani may face a longer layoff due to repeated injury of his nasal bone, and potential trauma to the ocular cavity. Those of us here at MMAViking.com wish him a speedy recovery and great luck and success in his future.