As Christmas time and New Year’s eve draws near so does Trophy MMA V – Nyårssmällen (New Years Bash). The last Nordic MMA card of 2014 is packed fightcard with a nice mix of bouts ranging from pro to amateur mma, plus shooto-fights, with fighters from both Sweden and Denmark. The event will take place at Amiralen in Malmö on December 27th, and the card is to be headlined by the two Swedes Mattias Rosenlind (2-1), Legacy Gym, and Rioo Ibrahim (1-0) out of Team AVAM.

Rioo Ibrahim in Main Event of Trophy MMA 5
Rioo Ibrahim in Main Event of Trophy MMA 5

As sometimes injuries occur to some of the fighters before the event, 3 bouts have already been cancelled from the card, but in the pro fight between Lodahl and Morari, Trophy managed to find a replacement for Morari just days before the fight in the Spanish fighter Stewart Serrano Lopez fighting out of Barcelona.

Full Fight Card

Mattias Rosenlind vs. Rioo Ibrahim (Pro Fight 70,3kg)
Alejandro Ferreira vs. Dexter Dyall Wallin (Pro Fight 77-77,1kg)
Robin Tuomi vs. Fernando Flores (Pro Fight 70,3kg)
Matihas Lodahl vs. Stewart Serrano Lopez (Pro Fight 68kg)

Martin Halvorsen vs Dexter Dyall Wallin
Gladius’ Dexter Dyall Wallin Makes Return to Cage After Recent Bout Cancellation

Mattias Günther vs. Joakim Jankovic (Amateur Fight 70,3kg)
Nebosja Grbic vs. Nils Påhlman (Amateur Fight 82kg)
Rostem Akman vs. Daniel Gorgioski (Amateur Fight 83,9kg)

Ali Albumahdi vs. Mohamad Habal (Shooto 70,1-70,3kg)
Mirza Nezirevic vs. Emil Timlin (Shooto 77,1kg)
Pascal Mazza Ramsby vs. Hani Abdo Wahab (Shooto 82kg)
Ali Yazbeck vs. Adam Hag (Shooto 66kg)

Bouts Previously Announced, But Cancelled Due to Injury
Gabriella Ringblom vs. Jystyna Haba (Injured) (Amateur Fight 56,7kg)
Arash Hadiha vs. Jon Østergaard (Injured) (Amateur Fight 57-58kg)
Daniel Bergström vs. Thomas Friis (Injured) (Amateur Fight 82kg)
Serghei Morari(Injured), being replaced by Stewart Serrano Lopez