The fight is over. BAMMA 8 featuring Manuwa vs Rea is taking place at British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) on December 10, 2011, at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England.

Winner Takes The Decision One All Three Cards

Swede Diego Gonzalez takes on UFC veteran Andre Winner in a title eliminator bout. Gonzalez is making his lightweight debut, and was a late replacement for Finland’s Niko Puhakka who was taken off of the card. MMA Viking will post live play-by-play of the Nordic fighters bout.

Fight Video

Andre Winner vs Diego Gonzalez BAMMA 8 by idefixion

The bout is next, as the Perez an McVeigh fight just ended.

The 27 year old Gonzalez is wearing a sweatshirt. The HILTI Stockholm athlete says he’s a ground fighter, and “if I can take the fight to the ground, I can finish it.” “This is probably my toughest fight” says Gonzalez in the pre-fight promo.

He is walking in the cage. There are ring girls on the side with Swedish flags… but they don’t look Swedish. Winner enters the cage second, he looks to be in good shape. At 5′ 11″ he will have the reach and height advantage. Diego is the MMA veteran, but he is two years younger than the 29 year old UK fighter.

Gonzalez gets no cheers as they announce his name, and the UK fighter gets a big round of applause fighting in his backyeard.

Round 1

They exchange early. Both men with punches and kicks, without anything hard landing. The feel out process isn’t that long, as both fighters go for damage. Diego goes for a takedown after a one-two combo, but Winner defends well against the cage. Gonzalez goes for another take-down, but the Swede isn’t able to bring it to the ground.

Both Fighters Trading Powerful Punches and Kicks Throughout the Bout

Winner trying to establish with the jab, but Gonzalez looking for power punches with more looping punches. Winner moving forward , but Diego countering well. Gonzalez going for elbows standing. Winner trying to use legs to wear down Gonzalez.

One minute left, and a close round. Both content to stand now, and looks like a K-1 match as they stand in tight and trade.

Gonzalez looks like the weight didn’t do too much to tire out Gonzalez as he pushed forward. Winner lands a stiff right toward the end of the round, and Gonzalez responds by going for a take-down, but doesn’t get it.

Very close round. Announcers on broadcast say Winner won the round.

Round 2

Crisp standup from both. Crowd cheering Winner’s punches more, but they are battling, with both landing good punches. Gonzalez again goes for a take-down, but Winner is able to defend. High quality bout so far, of two top European fighters nullifying each other’s offense.

***The broadcast on TV is absolutely terrible right now, and cuts out…. “We are experiencing Technical Difficulties with our transmission from London” says the broadcast.***

Fight back on with 3 minutes left in the round.

Both fighters are standing, again both looking like they have the insight to counter the other fighter. Winner using consecutive inside left kicks to try and wear down fighter. Gonzalez uses teep kick to push back Winner.

Gonzalez trying to land big with the left, and Winner once again using kicks trying to wear down the Swedes lead leg. Winner’s kicks are strong, and both fighters keeping their power. Winner seems to be slightly quicker at this point, landing good jabs, and his punches seem a little straighter allowing him to land more frequently. Gonzalez face is showing blood as a result, looks like it’s coming form the nose. Gonzalez pushes Winner to the cage.

20 seconds left in the round, and Gonzalez drops down to try to put his opponent on his back, but again it does not happen.

The round looks to be Winners, due to more effective striking.

Round 3

They again exchange puches on the feet. Gonzalez trying some elbows once he gets inside, and Winner mixes in kicks after combos. One minute in, and Gonzalez going for a take-down.

Seems like Diego needs to try something different to get the fight to the ground, but he ends up with a leg and Winner resting against the cage. Winner sprawls, bringing Diego down, as he tries for the take-down.

The round is half over, without any real damage.

Winner lands big punches. The UK fighter’s big right does most of the damage, and follows up by landing additional punches, and once Diego is against the cage, Winner lands a knee. Gonzalez drops against the cage, trying to avoid dammage. Winner on top of the Swede, trying to work some elbows form the side.

One minute left, and Gonzalez is able to get off the bottom, and spins for a take-down. Winner sprawls on the Swede, in a familiar position. Gonzalez face is bloodied, but he makes his way up to the feet. Winner lands another big right. Gonzalez hurt again, but the Swede fights on. Winner goes for a knee. Big round for Winner.

RESULT – 30-27 for Winner on all 3 cards. I would have to agree with the decision, although round one was very close. Gonzalez showed good conditioning for his first try and lightweight, and by taking the bout on short notice, he’ll be back. Winner may be getting the attention of the UFC again, as he continues to impress outside the Octagon –he will have a shot for the BAMMA title as a result of the victory.

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