Hanna Sillén is back on the winning track, extending her streak to two with her latest win over American grappler Katrina Teer at Rumble of the Kings. MMA Viking’s Kaoru Tsukamoto talks to the Swede about her rise in MMA after spending 11 years training in wushu where she racked-up a European Championship and placed third place in the World Championships.

Hanna Sillén Back on Track After Recent Win | Photo by Henrik Wall MMA Viking / Sherdog


Let’s get to know Sillén with 16 rapid-fire questions.

MMA Viking: Where did you start training MMA after wushu?
Hanna: Omar Bouiche´s Pancrase Gym in Stockholm.  I was instantly hooked and learned the basics there.  But now I am training in Valentuna Boxing Camp (VBC) where Jorgen Kruth is training.  I am training MMA, BJJ, and boxing there. Waldo is my coach.

MMA Viking: How many hours do you train in a week in total? I mean running, MMA, BJJ, boxing, cardio and kickboxing?
Hanna: It depends, but I train two to three times six days a week.

Hanna Sillen MMA
Sillen has 5 wins and 1 loss in her MMA career

MMA Viking: How often and how much do you run?
Hanna: Normally I don’t run, but I started this summer and used to run at least 6 days a week. Mostly for losing weight.

MMA Viking: Are your parents also sporty? Do they like MMA?
Hanna: No they don’t do any sports. I have two sisters both don’t do sports neither. My parents don’t watch my fights (smile). Or my mother may check a little bit maybe.
They don’t like hittings and kickings, you see.

MMA Viking: You wear Bruce Lee yellow tracksuit for the fight. Why?
Hanna: I like Bruce Lee. He is so cool. Plus I have Kung Fu back ground.

MMA Viking: You are 5-1-0 in your MMA career and what was your favorite fight?
Hanna: Teer and Kujala are my favorites. Teer (2011 ROTK Stockholm) I won in judge 3-0 decision, went three rounds. The reason is that I could test the whole package of standing and ground fighting

Kujala (Superior Challenge 6) I won 3-0 decision. The reason is that she was a experienced fighter and mentally I was very strong in the fight.

MMA Viking: You fight in 57kg. Is it easy to make the weight?
Hanna: I always try not to go over weight. Before the fight I make 60. Then sauna out to 57.

MMA Viking: What is your favorite food?  What do you cook?  Eating lots of sweets?
Hanna: (big smile) I like sweets but Im very careful. Because I go fat easy in this hard diet. I like lasagna too.

Under training I try to cut carbohydrates and eat regularly.  I make my lunch box with cod and potato, chicken and salad.  Sometimes steak and some beans or chickpeas too.

MMA Viking: What do you spend your free time?
Hanna: I don’t have much free time. Working full-time plus running and training everyday. Otherwise in my free time I make my training program and my diet program.

MMA Viking: Have you experienced any bad injuries?
Hanna: Not much injuries. Once I got a kick into my face in the training. That was 4 years ago. My cheek born under my right eye was broken and swollen. I did’t go to doctor and I didn’t show it to my parents (smile). I healed in 3 weeks but paralyzed the nerve under my eye to my mouth for several months.

MMA Viking: What is impressive fight in Scandinavia in your eyes?
Hanna: Let me think…. I remember much of Reza Madadi vs Rich Clementi. They fought hard changing the transitions in non-stop mode chasing hard very technical game they had.

Sillen with Teer After Making Weight for Rumble

MMA Viking: Do you check female fights in video? Do you have favorite UFC fighters?
Hanna: I don’t check much MMA videos. I have no time. I sometimes check UFC I would say I like GSP and Jon Jones.

MMA Viking: If you have a boyfriend, do you shoot submissions to him?
Hanna: Yes. In bed. ha! ha! ha!

MMA Viking: What do you like of your training?
Hanna: I am not so happy about running, although I must do it. I like boxing, submissions and kicking, which I enjoy very much.

MMA Viking: Are you interested in training in outside country?
Hanna: Yes. Maybe in the US, or I want to train in Japan.

Sillen Wins in Dominant Fashion at Rumble of the Kings | Photo by Ryan O'Leary


MMA Viking: What is your ideal fight game? What is your goal? What is coming next?
Hanna:  I want to show a technical game, well mixed with the whole package and an exciting fight. Training hard, I want to be the best. I am going to fight BJJ in Portugal. I enter purple belt level.  I’m so exciting to go there.  I really look forward that.

One of Sillen’s Favorites Against Maiju Kujala at Superior Challenge 6

MMA Viking: Thank you for your time, Hanna. Wish you the best to your next fight.

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