UFC to Malmo


Keyvan Zarea-Ganji from Swedish martial arts website fightplay.tv is reporting a planned Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) in Malmö on November 5. The website reports the confirming news from sources at TapouT’s headquarters in Las Vegas.

If the UFN is confirmed in Malmö, it will be targeting southern Sweden in a market easily accessible by Denmark and northern Europe. Stockholm was the other market the Zuffa was “holding” this November date for. Marshall Zelaznik, UFC’s managing director of international development, said in an interview with Kimura.se last week that he would be headed back to Las Vegas, where the UFC would be solidifying their plans shortly. Speaking with August Wallen, the president of the Swedish MMA Federation (SMMAF), told MMA Viking yesterday that no event has been submitted for sanctioning.

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The original article in Swedish can be found here.