Finland’s top flyweight Mikael “Hulk” Silander (10-3) took his latest win at Cage 25 where the Finn slammed Spain’s Tony Caizedo so hard that the impact made Caizedo tap out. At Cage 26 the ante will be raised when Silander will meet undefeated Spaniard Dani Barez who also holds a win over Caizedo. The match up was first announced by our content partner

Silander won at Cage 25 by power slam

The Finn is heading into the bout with the aggressive Spaniard with positive feelings:

“It’s nice to go in there now that I didn’t get any injuries from my last fight. The fights are so close to each other that there’s no time to learn anything new. We’ll keep working on my strengths.” said Silander to FightSport.

After suffering back-to-back losses to tough Neil Seery and Larry DiGiulio, Silander has turned a new page and took dominants wins over Frenchman Salah Elkas and Spain’s Tony Caizedo.