Jessie Koivuniemi (1-2) won by submission against Marko Tani (3-1) at Seinäjoki Fight Night 3 last night in the main event.

DSC_3420 copy

It was Koivuniemi’s first pro win after two unsuccessful attempts, while it was the first loss for Tani who was undefeated with three wins coming into the bout.

It looked it was going to be another win for Tani who locked up a tight triangle once the fight hit the ground, but Koivuniemi fought out of it and even defended against an armbar from the Team East Front Fighter looking to finish with a submission.

Koivuniemi then mounted Tani landing and landed some good ground and pound for the rest of the round.

The lightweights came out swinging in the second, and Koivuniemi landed a good head kick that brought cheers from the crowd.  Tani shot for a takedown, but it was quickly defended.  On the ground, the two both had sweeps to have their time in the guard.

Koivuniemi and Tani at Weigh-ins

In the end it was an anaconda by Koivuniemi that finished the fight. Tani was limping after the tap, possibly hurting his left foot in the first round. Watch the full fight below toward the end of the video.