Allstars Fight Night 4 goes down in the Allstars Training Center gym in Stockholm, Sweden. MMA Viking is cageside to capture the action live.

Fight Card

See live results as they happen below.

Prelim Card

Ilias Avramidis Vs. Mehmed Bayram – Amateur
This fight is cracking! Good kicks from Ilias and a varied attack from Bayram. Avramidis gets on top, and Bayram is exhausted after the second and the match is stopped.

Joakim Olofsson vs. George Youssef – Amateur
Youssef gets the first round rear-naked choke.

Ida Rääf vs. Jennifer Ankerud – Amateur
Jennifer wins by 3rd round stoppage.

Eli Elias vs Nauzet Perdomo
Elias wins by choke in the first round.

Aitana Alvarez vs. Lucia Apdelgarin
Alvarez with a take-down to start, and moves into half guard. The Allstars fighter has been on top and controlling this fight from beginning to end, with a few solid elbows. Winner by decision.

Main Card

Liam Pitts vs Rasmus Vauhkonen
Pitts with the first round submission.

Elmir Abbasov vs. Didac Infant
Infant KO’s Abbasov with a big overhand right out of nowhere.

João Dos Santos vs. Hamed Tawana
Tawana with a take-down, but Dos Santos with damage standing over on escape and lashing kicks to the legs of the downed opponent. Tawana starts throwing down and lands! And finishes on top with a take-down. What a round!

Tawana landing shots, but he looks tired and trying to get a take-down to stay on top. But it is Dos Santos that lands the big shot that crumbles Hamid that takes a few more punches forcing a TKO. Dos Santos with the stoppage win in the second round.

Sakhi Qambari vs. Hama Dara – Featherweight Title Fight
Qambari with a HUGE throw, but Dara is able to land on top and take back. But Sakhi gets out, then spins to get a kneebar finish. Dara’s knee is busted up, and hobbles out of the cage.

Bilal Tipsaev vs. Italo Julio
Tipsaev with a signature high-flying take-down to start the first round, where he stays on top landing hammer fists to the smiling Julio. The second is much of the same, minus the smiles.

And a dominant third round from the Swedish based fighter, with Khazmat Chimaev coaching.

Irman Smajić vs. José Jimenez
Irman with a few good knees, then a finish on top with punches.

Deng Dawood vs. Jaffa Kundo – Amateur Co-Main
Kundo lands a big right hand that sends Magic Mike to his back. The referee looks in his eyes, and stops the fight. But Dawood is not discourages and eventually gets up and smiles, and calls for a rematch.

Benardo Sopaj vs. Geovane Vargas – Bantamweight Sopaj wins by stoppage in the first round.