FCR 18 goes down at the Västerås Arena in Västerås, Sweden. MMA Viking is cageside to capture the action. The main event is a title bout between Jonny Touma and Rohulla Yousefi.


Khalil Karruri besegrade Sebastien Keti (A-klass, Welterweight)
Karruri wins by decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Morad Muyhaddin vs Zakaria Hazara (A-klass, catchweight)
Muyhaddin wins by armbar submission in the second round.

Houssein Khodr vs Abdulrahman Amaev (A-klass, lightweight)
Khodr wins by TKO in round 3.

Simon Ekbäck vs Okan Yildiz (A-klass, lightweight)
Ekbäck wins by TKO stoppage in round 1

Raymond Johansson vs Joona Hannula (Pro, featherweight)

Nice take-down, then back take. But once back to the feet it is the Swede moving forward and lands some nice shots. Hannula looks to be tiring and dives in on a leg. Good knees on the tirning finn and this looks like it will be coming to an end. And it is all over. Stopage for Johansson in 3:08 in round 1.


Ebrima Faal vs Brayan Aspegren (Middleweight)

Aspegren the Finn and Faal from Gambia, representing Sweden are hyped for this fight. Faal has the reach and speed, but the Finn in on a double-leg and working for a body lock. The hans from Faal are quick and now there is distance. Faal has a nice left, and looks to land… and he does. Both fighters landing power shots. The Finn on top and doesn’t look like he knows what to do has he is fully mounted. A few power punches from the top, and it is all over at 2:54 seconds of the first. “I feel strong, and fast… and I look nice.” says the winner about the win dropping to middleweight.

Wasi Adeshina vs Henrique Madureira (Featherweight)

Take-down for Adeshina, and then lets him back to the feet. Madureira with a nice right head-kick that is mostly blocked. Wasi fighting for another take-down and he gets it half way trough the round. Nice punches from top. One more take-down from the Nigerian Jaguar in a real strong round.

Wasi in on a take-down again, and the game plan is clear. Now full mount and punches are coming down. The Brazilian finally reversses the position, but only temporarily as the two grapple. Madureira is face down taking shots, and now he flips over for a few final blows, and it is over. 3:43 in round 2. “I knew I had to go for the finish. If you love what you see tonight, come see me eat more food in Stockholm.”

Tuomas Grönvall vs Luiz Silva (Bantamweight) – Grönvall was sick and withdrew from the fight.

Hecher Sosa vs Aaron Robinson (Bantamweight)
Robinson out of Liverpool and Sosa from Spain in an odd FCR bout without one Sweden-based fighter.

The fighters find the way to the ground and grapple before getting back up. Aaron a southpaw misses on a shot, and Sosa in quick to capitalize on punches, then a guillotine, but well defended.

Good over hand right in the second rom Robinson. Sosa in on a take-down, but Robinson sees an opportunity for a guillotine, but can’t get it. Hecher now in control and lands some knees from behind.

A real evenly matched bout here. Nice spinning backfist from Sosa. Could come down to the last two minutes here. Both land at the same time. Sosa tried for a take-down, but best damage was punches off the break. Spinning backfirst from the Spanish fighter that has a nice flurry as the bell rings.

Sosa wins the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27. He is up for the UFC next or a title fight with Sopai.

Christian Stigenberg vs Toni Lampinen (Welterweight)

Stigenberg reach is so much longer, and the Finn looking at some leg kicks after getting jabbed in the face. Christian lands some good shots, and Toni’s face shows blood. But, the Finn decides to take the fight to the ground. After threatening some subissions from the bottom, the fight goes back to the feet. The Finn hurt again, but his reaction is to go in for a double-leg takedown and it is a high flyer! Way in the air for the finish, but as the round ends it is Stigenberg that ends up on top. Another war looks in store for the Finn that has done battle in the FCR cage.

Toni trying to finish a take-down, and has Christian’s back against the cage, but he is using elbows to damage and eventually lands on top of Toni as he falls to his butt. Stigenberg landing some real strong punches and elbows, and there is so much blood. And at 4:55 seconds in the second round it is stopped. “Gävle in the house” says the lanky fighter. “Good elbows from the top” says Christian about the finish.

Andreas Gustafsson vs Dominic Schober (Welterweight)f
An overhand right from Gustafsson sends Schober down, and it is the Swede that keeps landing… and IT IS ALL OVER! That was fast, like really, really fast! 10 second TKO for Andreas “Bane” Gustafsson!


Jonny Touma vs Rohulla Yousefi (Flyweight Title)

Yousefi the southpaw. Big right hand lands and sits Yousefi down, but both are back up. Johnny goes for a take-down, but well defended. The challenger lands. A counter right hand from Rohulla, that ignites a flurry from both. A series of punches ending with a solid right hand sends Rohulla down, and Tuoma follows to get on top to finish a real strong first round ending in full mount.

Yousefi looking sharp, but Jonny takes the fight to the ground. The challenger is up and moving forward.the two exchange punches, but Jonny’s punches when landed have a bit more sting. The Kraft fighter stays on top and now has back. Oh, a rear-naked choke was there briefly.

Yousefi looks like he is waiting to counter Touma with a left, but the champ remains patient. But a good left head-icklands from Rohulla. The two exchange sings, but nothing lands. Half way through the round and the tide feels like it is turning, but Jonny makes sure it doesn’t turn too much and finishes a nicely timed double-leg take-down. Two minutes left, and the champ is in control. Yousefi looking for a triangle, but the champ is too crafty and eventually makes his way to take back and even lifts up the challenger to put him back on the mat twice. The crowd is chanting Jonny, Jonny, Jonny as th fight comes to an end.

And still. Touma wins 29-28 on all 3 cards. The champ says he is waiting for a call from Dana White for a UFC contract.