Dane Mark O. Madsen (9-0) had a unique training session of fighters coming from other gyms in Denmark, Finland, and Norway at his new Olympian Gym outside of Nykøbing Falster, Denmark.  “I have a background in wrestling where it is common for the Nordic countries to join forces and develop and move forward together. I wish to take this with me into MMA, and in the future create great camps at Olympian Gym where I hope to see many Nordic and world MMA fighters develop together. To be the best, you need to get out of your comfort zone and go train with fighters who can push you to your limit and help you reach your max potential. In my world collaboration, and a willingness and desire to share our competencies, is the way forward for Scandinavian MMA. A big thank you to Joachim Tollefsen, Makwan Amirkhani, Damir Hadzovic and Coach Martin Kampmann for some instructive and challenging training and sparring at Olympian Gym.” says the Olympic wrestling silver medalist to MMA Viking.  Check out photos here.

“I really do believe that the Scandinavian fighters should train more together and help eachother evolve. the core of Scandinavian pros is just so small, that it would be better to train together and fight foreigners” says Tollefsen that was back for his second mini-training camp with the “Olympian.”

Photos courtesy of Team Olympian.