Nicolas Dalby (14-2-1) has been announced as an upcoming fighter on April 28. The event, Cage Warriors 93, will go down at the Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg and will be the promotions first visit to Sweden.

The Rumble Sports fighter has been very visible outside the cage by commentating fights for Cage Warriors and on air UFC commentary for Viaplay. The Sharpshooter revealed on social media yesterday that he would return to the cage, and today it became official.

The Dane fought four times in the Octagon with a record of 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 draw. The 32-year-old won in a split decision over Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos in his UFC debut, had a majority draw versus Darren Till, then ended with back-to-back losses to Zak Cummings and Peter Sobotta.

Last March, he was notified that he was cut from the UFC. “And now it’s up to me to show the world that nobody puts Dalby in the corner… (I’ll) go to the gym and train harder than I ever did before. I’ll be back. Stronger and more dangerous than ever!” said the Dane after the news.

Dalby was the Cage Warriors champion back in 2014, where he defended the belt twice.

Fighting. It’s something we all do. We fight bullies at school. We fight to earn a living. We fight through sickness(mental & physical). We fight our inner daemons. We fight with our significant others, friends and family. We fight for the rights we believe in. We all fight our own fights, small and big ones. Every single day! For me, one of my biggest fights are coming up, literally and figuratively. Literally because I have committed to step foot in a cage to fight again after 1½ years away from the sport, after something that ended in me suffering 2 defeats in a row, the first ones in over 10 years of competitive fighting. But also figuratively. Figuratively because I have been battling a deep depression which resulted in alcoholism, apathy and hurtful behaviour towards the people I hold the dearest. Experiencing all of that and putting it behind me has been a very bumpy detour away from and back to the main-road that leads in the right direction. How do you come back after a downfall like that? Can you imagine the self-doubt? Can my body still handle a gruelling fight camp? Is my mind strong enough to handle the sessions where nothing is working, doubt sneaks in and the lingering injuries that undoubtedly lie ahead play with your head? Am I strong enough physically & mentally to not just take the fight but to actually go in there and unleash the hell & fury I have in me when believe in myself and I’m running on all cylinders(plus nitro)? Those are the questions that will get answered before summer arrives. Maybe I’ll get a major injury in the lead up to the fight. Maybe things won’t “click” when I’m finally in the cage. Maybe I will lose the fight. But theres only one way to find out. And that’s by fucking doing it! And doing it 110%! This is a fight to determine my future. Now is the time to prove to myself, my girlfriend, my friends, my family & the rest of the world what I’m made of. That I am going to follow up to the promises I made myself. And that is the real fight. If I do that, do the very best I can. Then I will win the fight in the cage. And the fight for my life! #LokomotivoDalby | #RoadToRedemption | #ThePhoenixWillRise | #FrateTrane

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“Some of the most exciting guys ever to fight for Cage Warriors have come from Scandinavia,” Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan said. “We’re giving them a platform to put on an incredible show for Scandi fight fans alongside Viaplay, one of the most respected broadcasters in the region. Scandinavian fans are world famous for the amazing atmosphere they create. April 28th is going to be incredible.”