Royal Arena, the biggest MMA event staged in Denmark, took place last night at Brondby Hall.  Below are results of the event:

Søren Bak vs. Jason Forsell

Undefeated Mikkel Parlo (Photo by Nicolas Dalby)

Winner : Søren Bak submission in first round (rear naked choke)

Under card
Philip Fortuna vs. Marcus Carnefjord
Winner : Philip Fortuna submission in second round (choke) 

Nicola Gozzi vs. Jonathan Svensson
Winner :Jonathan Svensson by points (decision 2-1)

Mulenga Chanda vs. Ales Jezisek
Winner : Mulenga Chanda by second round submission (guillotine choke)

Joachim Christensen vs. Wojciech Antczak
Winner : Joachim Christensen by first round submission (rear naked choke)

Main card

Kenneth Rostfort vs. Ivica Truscek
Winner : Ivica Truscek by points (decision 3-0) 

Nicolas Dalby vs. Acoidan Duque
Winner : Nicolas Dalby by points (decision 3-0)

Simon Carlsen vs Nick Osei
Winner : Simon Carlsen by KO in first round

Mikkel Parlo vs. Marcin Tondryk
Winner : Mikkel Parlo by KO in first round

Results from  Stay tuned for a full event recap and pictures to be posted shortly.