Sadibou Sy (13-6-2) beat Dilano Taylor (10-3) in the 2022 Welterweight Championship.  The Swede won the unanimous decision in a 5-round bout in Madison Square Garden in New York.

Sy lands left kicks to the body early in the first round, and then goes high to finish the first as he is the most active fighter.  Taylor moving forward trying to make it a brawl, and going in for take-downs.  Sy defends well, and looks like it can be an easy night if the Allstars fighter uses his distance.

Taylor in on a leg early in the 3rd, but Sy again defends well.  From distance Sy can land with his langer reach and quick kicks.  The cage is slippery and the fighters are sweaty, so fighters are standing straight up and moving less.  Taylor can’t explode for take-downs and Sy taking full advantage on the feet.

Sy can land his left jab with his reach and effective late.  The Jamaican fighter moving forward and aggressive late.  Gets a few knees in the clinch.  In the southpaw stance the Swede lands his left kicks again and again.  Sy raises his arm at the bell as the crowd boos a bit of a lackluster bout.  But, with a million dollars on the line, Sy plays it like a smart fighter with better skills.  The judges score it 49-46 on all three score cards.