The PFL has given up on the 2020 season amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  Luckily the newly signed Norwegian Marthin Hamlet (6-1) is still on the roster.  “They want to see what I can bring to the table for the 2021 season.” says the Cage Warriors title challenger to MMA Viking. “Good work from my manager Ivan Dijakovic. He got 5 athletes who will be part of the PFL roster next year.”

“I’m very happy to be a part of PFL after they cut almost 1/3 of the fighters” says the 28 year old light heavyweight.

“I’m young, hungry and will just become better in this sport.”

Marthin is coming off of a win at Superior Challenge 20 in December, where he secured a win over the vet Prince Aounallah (14-10).  Before this, he lost for the first time by getting stopped in the 4th round against Modestas Bukauskas (8-3) in Stockholm. “I learned a lot from the fight. I got almost 20 minutes cage time. That’s very valuable. I going to be much more relaxed and experienced for my next fight.” said Marthin that is a top European prospect on the rise.

“I will use this time to become a better overall MMA athlete. I will put down countless of training hours and will push it like I never have done before. I’m confident that me and my team will gain a lot during this time.”

“They are giving me a stipend during this time and shows they want to take care of their fighters. I would like to give the PFL staff and Ray Sefo a shout out for that. Thank you.”